Couple takes cabin living to the next level with their seriously epic cabin designs

Behold a real-life, hand-built fairytale.

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Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood's Cabinland stretches across 15 acres of land they own in the Pacific Northwest.

Living in a whimsical cabin surrounded by trees and woodland creatures might be a fairytale fantasy for many, but for one crafty couple, it’s a dream made into a reality.

Back in 2019, influencer couple Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood revealed plans to build their own cluster of 10 artistically crafted cabins across 15 acres of land they own in the Pacific Northwest, which they would fittingly call Cabinland.

Since hatching their plan, Witzling and Underwood have documented their cabin-building journey on Youtube and TikTok, captivating viewers with next-level architectural creations that seem straight out of a Tolkien novel.

One particularly popular project was a fully functioning hot tub made out of a repurposed 73-year-old tree stump that fell due to record rainfall.

The process was undeniably involved, requiring hours of cutting, drilling, sanding, digging trenches for plumbing, and building a wooden path on top of that so they could walk to the tub without shoes.

It might have been a major effort, but at the end of it all, these two can be seen soaking in the dreamiest hot tub ever.

@jacobwitzling The Stump Tub at Cabinland #tree #diy #hottub #woodworking #nature ♬ original sound - Jacob Witzling

Another fun tidbit—Witzling explained in a subsequent video that once they're done using the tub, they attach a garden hose to the end of a drain pipe and use the remaining water for plants across the property.

If that’s just an amenity of Cabinland, imagine what the actual living situation looks like.

Better yet, just check out some of Witzling and Underwood’s TikToks, which includes a truck cabin (their first project ever), a gorgeous diamond shaped cabin (my personal favorite), a cabin just for wardrobe (excuse me?!) and their piéce de rèsistance: Castle Cabin, which is every bit as majestic as it sounds.

@sara_underwood The Truck Cabin 🤌🏻 created and designed by @jacobwitzling & me 💁🏼‍♀️ #truckcamper #vanlife #diy #cabin #roadtrip ♬ original sound - Sara Underwood
@sara_underwood Reply to @brynnemarieeee Let’s go inside! Cabin by @jacobwitzling and me #cabin #realestate #architecture #tinyhouse#diy ♬ original sound - Sara Underwood
@sara_underwood Reply to @awkwardincarnate it’s my walk-in cabin closet and I wouldn’t change it for the world 💕 #closettour #diy #cabin #clothes ♬ original sound - Saint Hoax
@sara_underwood Think of it as 3 small cabins connected by hallways 😎 cabin by @jacobwitzling & me, with help from family and friends. #cabin #realestate #architecture #diy #interiordesign ♬ original sound - Sara Underwood

Of course, Cabinland can be more than just a one-second virtual getaway. Witzling and Underwood’s goal is to be able to rent out their creations.

Plus, they’ve already expanded the operation. Check out their desert cabin in Arizona, which has an entire cactus garden on top, aka their “living roof.”


Traded in the PNW for some much needed Arizona sun. We’re down here getting to work on Cabinland 2.0. Time to pick up the tools again and get started building 🔨 the next cabin now that we have a comfortable place to lay our heads

♬ original sound - Sara Underwood

Witzling and Underwood’s magical Cabinland and the overwhelmingly positive response to it reflect a more widespread desire to strike a balance between the natural world and human advancement. The organic architecture movement, which prioritizes building structures around the natural setting versus the other way around, is still a fairly new concept, having only gained popularity in the 60s and making a bigger resurgence during the pandemic. But there’s no denying the absolute beauty and visceral harmony that emerges from it.

In other words: Great things happen when we treat Mother Nature as a valuable collaborator.

See even more epic builds by following Witzling and Underwood on TikTok here and here.


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