What's the difference between these guys?

One haircut. That's all. In fact, after their haircuts, they were no different, but your perception of them may have changed.

These men are homeless and were given the gift of a haircut that dramatically changed their appearance and the way the world perceives them.

The fact is, at their core, they are no different from us. All it took were volunteers offering their talent and skills to help the world see that. All it took was service.

There are thousands of people who have no homes every night. With a little help, we may be able to do more than change their appearance. We may be able to change their lives.

Most every community has homeless services, and it's easy to volunteer. The more we lock arms, take up for each other, and help fellow humans, the more we can progress.

One haircut may mean the difference of winning a job interview or not.

We are in this together.

and it's the little things we do with and for each other ...

that will keep us moving forward.

There are many ways to volunteer at your local shelter.