Autism has increased (like 373% in 14 years). But here are some facts about vaccines.

I know, the autism debate is controversial — and rightfully so. Families have seen autism increase by 373% in the past 14 years. They are desperate for some real answers, and that's why facts are important in this conversation. Here are some hard facts for the autism debate laid out in a simple-to-hear format. If you want the truth about vaccines and autism, you should hear everything this guy says.

FACT CHECK TIME! We found every fact in this video:

0:03: Here's that original Lancet study (with a big ol' "RETRACTED" stamp).

1:33: And here's the second Lancet study.

1:50: JAMA study (PDF).

2:27: NEJM study.

2:50: Pediatrics study.

3:03: Lancet study.

3:17: Guardian article on the Lancet retraction.

3:38: Review of 31 studies by Cochrane Library finds no link between MMR vaccine and autism.

4:04: 2012 update of that review. Still no link.

5:15: No thimerosol in infant vaccines since 2003.

5:30: BMJ investigation shows original Lancet study was a lie.

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