Ann Coulter Tries To Tell Whoopi Goldberg How Black People Feel About Things. It Does Not Go Well.

This is less a "heated discussion" and more a "verbal smackdown."Here's a brief rundown: at 0:55 Ann Coulter tries to explain how the O.J. Simpson trial was apparently good for black people because it closed what she calls the "white guilt bank," at 2:24 she asserts that liberals have never cared about black people, at 3:20 she basically rewrites America's political history, and at 4:30 she says liberals are responsible for pushing racist voter fraud laws. Oh and prepare to cheer for Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar throughout, but especially at 1:13 when Whoopi gets fed up with Coulter's insane assertations and asks her point-blank how much she actually knows "about being black."