After Her Rape, She Made A Choice. Now People Are Trying To Change That.

In 30 seconds, Amanda will explain why Colorado's "personhood" initiative is pretty darn scary.

NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation


This ad featuring Amanda was recently rejected by Hulu because, according to a Hulu account manager, Hulu cannot accept "ads that advocate a controversial political or other public position." There is now a campaign using the hashtag #HuluLetHerSpeak to get Hulu to run the ad.


According to our fact-checkers, while Colorado's Amendment 67 doesn't use language like "ban abortion and emergency contraception," the main point of Amanda's video is that the amendment could do what she says. Amendment 67 does aim to give personhood status to "unborn human beings" (with no other qualifiers) under the criminal and wrongful act codes. This means that under Amendment 67, it's possible abortion and emergency contraception could be more easily construed as murder, even in cases of rape or incest.

If you're a Coloradan with a stake in this "personhood" initiative or if you're just curious, head over to Ballotpedia for a more in-depth look!