A guy with a guitar shows up, and it's only 7 seconds before all hell breaks loose.

I want to assure you that no guitar players were harmed during the production of this video (at least, not physically). But sometimes the only way to start a song about climate change is to burst through the screen like you're the Kool-Aid Man. Oh, and there's a turtle break that happens at 1:24, because that's obviously the proper time for a turtle break.

Planet Victory The Reef

If you're wondering what reef they're referring to in this video, I can tell you: It's the Great Barrier Reef, and it needs your help. The world is in danger of destroying one of its natural wonders because — surprise, surprise — there's money to be made. Head here to find out more and make sure everyone in your circle knows about what's going on with The Reef. (I'm told you sound cooler if you call it The Reef.)

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