A Creative New Way To Help People Understand How Racism Works. Don't Panic. It's Funny.

OK, don't panic. Hari Kondabolu is going to talk about race. He's going to be funny about it. But the key is to listen to his video all the way through. At 1:47, he has a really reasonable and logical solution to one of our current problems that most people think isn't that big of a deal but is. If you disagree with him, let us know why on Facebook. Because I think he has some pretty good points. And I'm white and everything. It's going to be OK.

You can tweet your fancy logo ideas to Hari or email him at with your most least offensive ideas. You can see the latest suggestions here. And you can see more from Hari if you Like him on Facebook. Also, I bet the Redskins would really appreciate the encouragement to make a change, so feel free to share and tweet this.

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