30 Women Who Have Never Met Each Other Have 1 Very Significant Thing In Common

I think of motherhood as the most incredible thing I never knew I wanted so much until I had it. Before I was a mom, I didn't understand what it felt like to experience true, unconditional love for another human being. And now that I do, I know it's pretty amazing. At the same time, motherhood is a journey, not a destination. There are ups and downs, great moments and others we might not want to dwell on too much. I think the goal is to do the best we can, and sometimes "best" varies by day. We may each approach parenting differently, but the best thing we can do for each other is be supportive and lift each other up, just like these women. Because at the end of the day, moms share a common bond: We're all responsible for raising our children. We've got this.

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