You'll Never Believe How Much Isaac Newton Knew About 'Heavenly Bodies' #Science #Sex #Scandal

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Remember when those climate scientists had their emails hacked and a bunch of people freaked out? Turns out, most of us have crazy stuff in our email. Does that make us bad at our jobs?

Just to be clear, "Climategate" has been thoroughly discredited. Ad hominem arguments, though, will probably never go out of style.

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Narrator: Just in time for the climate conference in Copenhagen, oddly human emails have revealed the tip of the iceberg. Finally, we're pulling back the cloak of scientific deception, everywhere.

We've uncovered private correspondence by this well-respected father of modern science. His secret letters call those who disagree with his crazy theories "a stupid mob."

This science-loving astronomer writes in one sentence that the Earth is round, and in another recounts his wild sexcapades.

This well-known physicist writes about his theory of gravity, but also writes about wild guesses and people he calls "mad."

And this familiar face plays fast and loose with his facts, because apparently for him, numbers and data are all relative.

Finally, proof of the hoax that is gravity, matter, Earth, our Solar System, and global warming. Don't believe the lies.

Caveman: Science stupid! Science lies!

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