Watch How Their Gay Rights Volunteers Make Other Volunteers Wish They Were These Volunteers

Chie Davis

When you hear the words "major," "moment," and "gay" in a sentence, you know that the only acceptable response is letting out a loud "yeahhhhaaasss!"


When there's talk about lives being lost, it’s obviously pretty scary. But change is a comin'. So here’s the real deal. The only thing that didn’t get past go with our fact checkers was the claim that in 10 countries, being gay can cost you your life. This article, which the video makers collaborated on in May 2014, says "at least five." The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association lists six countries. Granted, one is too many, but just wanted to drop those stats. I’ll be ready to party when that number reaches zero.

In 76 countries, it's a crime to be gay.

And in 10, it can cost you your life.

In no country in the world are LGBT people treated equally under the law.

All Out is important right now because the world is at a tipping point.

It's huge change happening all over the world in the fight for freedom and equality for LGBT people.

Half of the world is trending toward greater equality and you have another half of the people are criminalized and driven deeper into the shadows.

In many countries, there are either very discriminatory laws or there are rules which just simply don't protect people from discrimination on sexual orientation or gender identity.

That impacts every aspect of their lives. It makes it really hard to have a job. It makes it really hard to be a part of a family. It makes it really hard to live.

We also found there is violence in all regions of the world. Extraordinary number of people have been killed, castrated, tortured, much more brutal, in fact, than other forms of hate crime.

We've got to do all that we can to make sure that the rights of LGBT folks are secure and protected all around the world.

All Out is a global movement for love and equality.

When we started two years ago, we believed that there was a whole community of people who care about equality but haven't had a way to participate before.

All Out is a vehicle for people to take action together whether that starts the petition or moves on to walking out in the streets to support each other and demonstrate. There's nothing that All Out members won't do to move us towards the kind of world where people can love who they choose and live openly and safely.

We have members in every country around the world. There are people that speak every language on the planet on our list.

The fact that 50% of All Out's members are straight allies, it's fantastic. For them to see this fight as a human rights fight, wanting to be part of the cause, raising their voices, seeing the injustice is so powerful for our movement.

A lot of what All Out does the best is pushes conversations that are quieter and smaller on a local level or in different countries that people don't actually know about to the mainstream.

Many of the dreams that we've had for the organization early on are beginning to come to pass and there's nothing more exciting than that.

In France, 350,000 members of All Out worked together in a seven-month long campaign that culminated in an incredible victory, opening up marriage for everyone.

All Out brought together a group of amazing moms of LGBT people here in Brazil to remind the country that love is a family value.

We're very active working with our partners and we've gone to help them fight back against the bill, if passed, would give the death penalty for gays and lesbians in our country.

All Out has been able to win already in its short life a bunch of very significant policy victories. It has been able to shift culprit behavior in ways that is setting very important persons and examples. And it's just beginning its process of building long term political power around LGBT right issues.

The time for All Out wasn't five years and it's not five years from now. It's right now. This is the moment when the decisions are being made. This is the moment when the battles are happening.

We're at a million and a half members now. We could easily go to 10 million in the next couple of years and win victories all across the world that will affect generations to come.

We are supporting the people who are ready to stand up, they're ready to make their voices heard, and we're going to get behind them and make sure that each time that they do, it's not a bleep on the radar. It's a major moment that leads to a national movement that reshapes the way that we think about lesbian, gay, bi and trans people.

To secure the freedom to assemble.

To have our families recognized.

To work and live free from discrimination.

To be able to live openly.

To support gender self-determination.

To make a world where everyone can look into the eyes of the person they love without fear.

This is our work.

This is our mission.

This is our moment.

We are All Out.

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