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Coach: I've always dreamed of being a pioneer of women's soccer. It has never been easy for women of our generation to play soccer in Senegal, or anywhere else. Now, I'd like to help my younger sisters. So that they don't have to struggle the same way we did.

Yoff Team Member: We'd head to practice, but three boys, sitting on the street, would heckle us: "You should be inside cooking, not playing soccer! You are acting like boys, not girls!"

Koumbal Team Member: We have to go to the fields, to the well, clean the house. We have to wake up early to fetch water at 8 a.m..

Koumbal Team Member 2: We are women. We want to have the same status as men.

Diaby: Not everyone agrees with what we are doing. But I still wasn't expecting to encounter this much resistance.

Salif Diallo: Me, as a Senegalese man, if a woman has too much confidence in herself, isn't that going to destabilize my family? With my wife, if I say one, she says two.

Teenage woman: Catastrophe! [puts head down on desk dramatically]

Teenage woman 2: C'mon, why don't you like women's soccer?

St. Louis Team Member: There's a guy in Dakar. One day on the phone, he asked me, "If we got married, you'd stop playing soccer right?" I hung up on him! [laughter from teammates] Soccer is our priority.

Soccer Player in Car: It's as if they're against what we are doing.

Soccer Player in Car 2: There are always people who just don't get it. That's the sad part.

Narrator: The field is not yet won. We must fight, continue to fight, and push forward.

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This is the trailer for "Ladies' Turn" by Wendigo Films. In the documentary, Senegalese women fight to follow their passion for playing football.

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