Some Day Your Gay Disney Prince Will Come. That Day Is Today.

It'll probably be a while before Disney actually features an openly gay prince or princess in one of its movies, but until then, "American Idol" alum Todrick Hall and his cast of celebrity friends are here to grant your wish. Meet CinderFella!

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A dream is a wish your heart makes but why am I doing this to myself?
In dreams, you will lose your heart but I really left the real me on the shelf, no, yeah
Don't lose . . .

Cindrefella! What did I told you about that singing? What?

Don't do it!

And see, that's why you can't go to the ball.

Oh the ball, you're missing out

Please can I go to the ball? please?

No Cindrefella because the artist formerly known as Prince Charming is looking for his mate tonight.

And you have an Adam's apple.


He's doomed.

Let's go ladies. Goodbye, Cinderfella, clean, clean.

You heard her, good day jacks


Clean, sedisi, clean
Don't lose who you are, keep wishing on stars and the dream that you wish will come true

Hello, this is your fairy Godmother,is you okay? Is you good cos I wanted to know.

I wanna go to that ball more than anything.

Happily ever after coming right up! I know you're tired of being judged and outcast. The world is changing, look around you!
Do you ever feel like a crystal mess, you lift up your arms but girl you need some zest Do you ever feel like you're out of crest and everybody's saying you got some stinky breath Do you ever feel like a curling ball, like a fat man came in and sat on you and flashed your soul If you've answered yes, then you're nasty. There's a spark in you

you just gotta release your dreams and make believe with faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust
Cause baby it's a fairy tale, just a little magic spell makes me go oh, oh, oh --Salagadoola mechicka boola Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put 'em together and what have you got Bibbidi-bobbidi Bibbidi-bobbidi Bibbidi-bobbidi boo!

ugh, this ball's so boring, not even anybody cute here.


[together] clank

he doesn't even go here.


I've been out that dreaming wishing on that star, hoping live would lead me right to where you are, I've been out and praying, looking for you babe, looking for you babe, searching for you babe
Where have you been? Cause you never hear me call Are you hiding from me, yeah, somewhere at the ball...

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Turn up the magic

yeah, yeah, yeah...

So this is love, love

looooooove, turn up the magic yeah, yeah, yeah...

I kissed a girl and I liked it,
taste of her fabrietastic A whole new world just sat in take me away on a magic carpet It can be wrong, it feels so right can you feel that love tonight I kissed a girl and I liked it


I liked it

shalalalalala my oh my prince I dont want you bye I'm gonna kiss the girl

shalalalalala hey princess you better rock that dress I'm gonna kiss the girl

I've been dreaming of a

whole new world


Baby I was born this way

This is love


so this is love


turn up the magic

watch and you'll see someday we'll be part of your world

turn up the magic yeah, yeah, yeah

baby can you feel the love tonight

The Magic


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ORIGINAL: By Todrick Hall. Found on Metafilter by MeghanC.

Jul 31, 2012

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