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Kid President: There are a lots of ideas how you can change the world. Some people think you should just complain about it. That won't change the world. It'll just make it mad. Some people think you have to have lots of money, money. Make it rain everywhere you go. Holler for a dollar. Some people think you have to be really loud and yell a lot. It's like with a bull horn shouting. Hey, you! Yeah, you! Do it my way, right now! Purr! Other people choose to just make fun of everything. That is dumb. That is dumb. Everyone's dumb. It's easy to make fun of stuff, but it's cooler to make stuff.

Some people think changing the world can only be done by the smartest persons in the world. Just put them in your room, let them figure it out. The solution to the world hunger? Food. Wow! That was like so amazing. Some people see the bad in the world, and they just decide to ignore. But that won't help anything. Some people will think you have to be really famous and super cool. In fact, lots of people think you have to be really powerful to make a difference, like being mayor or senator or a president.

But the truth is a title doesn't make you more important. The world is changed by you. It's one person filled with love, and they just have to live without, so they do something awesome. Then, that person is filled with love, and they do something awesome. It's just goes on and on and on and on. And the next thing you know, everything's awesome.

Some people think it's impossible to change the world.

Male: It's impossible to change the world.

Kid President: Well, you can see why they could think that. Living in the world where's kids who are hungry, people who are homeless, families weren't happy. I'm just trying to figure it out like everybody else, man. But I do know this though. The next time you feel overwhelmed or totally alone, then no more lists. Things don't have to be the way they are. The world is changed by ordinary people, little people living out big love. That's what gives the world a reason to dance.

So how do we change the world? At the start of this year, I asked all you guys to make the year more awesome. Time to be awesome is now. Make this year awesome for somebody else, whether it's helping the homeless with Socktober, throwing a parade for somebody, or giving an inspired gift. You can see my holiday guide gift guide by clicking here. You help prove that the Internet can be a awesome place. Thank you, but we're not done yet. This coming year, let's show the world what awesome bully looks like.

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Kid President: I love. Oh, man. Me and this little desk have been through a lot. We've been quite on a really big adventure. Oh, boy! Oh, it's risking falling. We need new tape. So that good?

World changes everything, so fill the world with it.

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Another great Soul Pancake vid featuring the precious and presidential Kid President. If you haven't Liked his Facebook page or started following him on Twitter yet, what have you been doing?

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