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ORIGINAL: By The Campaign for Southern Equality.

CURATOR'S NOTE: The headline on this post was originally "Interracial Couple In Small Mississippi Town Are Refused Marriage License. It's Illegal There." I wrote this specifically to challenge people's ideas about marriage equality and race in our society. However, most people didn't click through before assuming that interracial marriage could really be banned in Mississippi.  As such, I have clarified the headline to make my point while simultaneously not causing people to start calling the MS governor and confusing the hell out of his office in outrage.  You should be outraged, and you should stand up to help, but for an entirely different yet completely similar reason. Remember that rage you felt. That's what my gay friends get to feel every day of the week in most states.

If you think my headline is still crossing the line, please let me know on my Wall. I would love to hear from you and will gladly welcome to your opinions on the matter.

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