Here's Something Very Simple That Actually Uses More Energy Than I Thought

My wife and I have a light-hearted back-and-forth about just how much we can do to help the Earth. I suspect industry and big business dwarf (like, wayyyy dwarf) anything that we can do as humans, so let’s focus on that. She says that if we each do something small, it adds up.

Amazingly, we're both kinda right. It all matters. Bonus: We save on that monthly electric bill. Win/win, right?

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Narrator: Doing something good for the planet is easier than you think. Just turn off the lights while you watch your favorite show. If we all turn off two lights in our homes for an hour everyday, we'll save more than five billion kilowatts of electricity nationwide each year. The amount of coal it takes to produce that much electricity could fill up the Empire State Building, almost three times.

When we work together to conserve, we can all enjoy a healthier, brighter future. This Earth week, pledge to turn the lights off any time your screen is on. You could win an energy efficient TV and other green prizes. Help spread the word. Lights off, screens on.

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This video and infographic were made by NBC Universal and Column 5 Media. Thumbnail photo via Thinkstock.

May 05, 2014

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