Here’s A Tip If You’re Thinking About Getting A Dog. Go Look At Some Swedish Furniture. Trust Me.

This is a great idea for getting shelter dogs adopted, but I’d definitely have a problem if I adopted one every time I went to IKEA. My cats, for one thing.

Oh, also. Don’t let the sad music at the beginning stop you. This is not one of those videos — it gets happy (at 0:45, if you can’t take it).

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Kua Yiwen: We have about 30,000 Facebook fans at the moment, but a lot of our fans, they actually have dogs themselves already. And those that stay in HTV, they can only have one dog. So, most of the dogs are actually not HTV approved, as well. So, the number of people on our Facebook that can actually adopt are a lot less, not anywhere close to 30,000.

Sandra Keasberry: IKEA is really happy to kick-start this "Home For Hope" initiative because we find that it's really a very refreshing and unique way to encourage Singaporeans to adopt homeless dogs.

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This video was created by Home for Hope, a project working to improve the lives of shelter dogs by finding families for as many of them as possible. It’s a partnership between Singapore’s Animal Lovers League Shelter, Save Our Street Dogs, and IKEA.

Jul 30, 2014

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