He Looked At His 401(k) And Saw It Contributed To His Son's Death In A Very Small But Avoidable Way

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The people in this video were all personally affected by horrific shootings in the last 15 years, but none of them realized how they might have had some small part in those tragedies. I can't imagine what it must feel like to find that out.

FACT CHECK TIME! If you're feeling skeptical, be assured that all of the stats in this video were thoroughly fact-checked by our team. The fact is, gun companies are doing well, so people are investing in them. And yes, firearms really are a $4.1 million industry.

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When Columbine happened, a lot of people said, "Well, this ought to really change things in America in how we view our gun laws." And it's been very frustrating. Fifteen years later, and we've not any seen change at the national level.

I just was numb. It just seemed so beyond, like, a dream, and I was, like, "What do you mean, Brishell is dead, shot?"

I'm covered in blood. We've done everything we can do, and someone has to go tell the family. So, they are sitting in a waiting room. And I know how this works, so I steel myself for this, because I know that when I walk into the room and I say that horrible word, I'm going to snatch all of the light, and all of the hope, and all of the air from that parent's life.

There is a lot of profit to be made for all of this sorrow, all of this death, and all of this destruction. Ultimately, it is all about the money.

I don't want to even have to wonder about that, and I surely do not want that on my conscience.

That would mean that I contributed to the death of my nephew.

I feel like I'm supporting all the bad things that are on this world. I don't want to be a part of that.

I don't want anybody to think there's something that they cannot do. There is something they can do, very simply.

They're making money off the backs of dead people. I just can't tolerate it, and I won't let my money support it.

Get that thing out of my home, out of my assets, out of my future. I wish I could take it out of my past, but at least I can get it out of my 401k.

This industry is not going to respond to moral sentiments. That's clear. They will respond to economic pain.

We always know that there's a lot of money on the other side. There's a lot of us on this side.

We really need something. We need something to change the path we're on right now. This is a project that I think can really bring some hope to us.

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Original uploaded to Vimeo by Unload Your 401k. Studies across states, countries, and income brackets show that more guns = more homicides. If you are worried that your retirement fund might be invested in gun companies, visit UnloadYour401k.com to find out. Share this video with your family and friends so they can, too.

Jul 23, 2014

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