We Asked Random Humans What They Want That Money Couldn't Buy. Their Answers Were Great.

YES! People care — and especially during the holidays, this is a great reminder of just how wonderful strangers on the street really are.

We Asked Random Humans What They Want That Money Couldn't Buy. Their Answers Were Great.
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You know those "man on the street" interviews on TV? And how often the people getting interviewed are made to seem like uneducated jerks?

Well, we're having none of that at Upworthy.

We found strangers on the street and asked them one question: What do you want that money can't buy?

Here's what they said:

1. Justice

2. Homes!

3. Jobs!

4. More money for the workers

This little lady is my favorite...

...she just throws down the gauntlet.

BOOM! Go, little lady! Real talk.

5. Well, this guy's talking about all the things ... racism, community, family, love, Ferguson...

Oh man! YES! What he said!

6. Marriage equality

aka <3 LOVE <3

Next, it gets a little philosophical.

7. The meaning of ... life? Yeah, this dude just dropped the meaning of life in his "man on the street" interview.

He has a point, too.

8. A judgement-free world!

Squeee, baby cameo! Along with some very serious mom wisdom.

So, that's a start. No more mocking each other for how horrible or how dumb we all "are" — not in "man on the street" interviews, and not in life. This season, let's remember: We're all pretty awesome.

Change the conversation.

Via Pexels and Sean MacEntee / Flickr

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