They asked some people on the street to talk about their favorite teachers. The answers are perfect.

Who would you thank?

Somewhere along the way, we've all had a teacher who changed our lives.

A schoolteacher, a parent, a coach, a friend — learning comes in many forms, and so do teachers. As part of its " Man on the Street" series, SoulPancake set out to hear about the teachers who work every day to change lives.

The segment is full of too many "awww" moments to count, but it also has some great insight to share about what makes a great teacher: someone who's personable, imaginative, has a deep heart, and truly cares about their students as more than just numbers.

And of course, the clip ends with everyone thanking their favorite teachers.

Ugh. I think my heart just grew three sizes.

We've all got some spectacular teachers in our lives. So, what do you say...

Which teachers would you like to thank?

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