the dodo


Watch how this man's needy pet iguana acts exactly like a dog

Proof that reptiles can every bit as be loving—and clingy—as our furry friends.


rocket the iguana is the most dog-like lizard you've ever seen

When looking for an affectionate, loving pet, people generally steer towards cats and dogs. Reptiles, often seen as non-sentient and emotionless, are typically reserved for those opting for something more exotic.

But after meeting Rocket, the iguana who demands constant attention, loves cuddles and even walks with a leash, you might consider lizards the next golden retrievers.

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Bearded dragon freaks out over his favorite sock on laundry day.

Not everyone has a cat, dog or bird for a pet. Some people prefer their animals without fur or feathers and instead go for spikes and claws—and big personalities. Reptiles are usually viewed as tank-dwelling creatures that sort of just hang out, but they can be just as entertaining as having a silly Golden Doodle around.

One bearded dragon, Percy, is showing the internet just how fun reptiles can be with the help of his favorite sock and human mom, Caitlin. The sock isn't a tiny sock made for dragons; it's a human sock that's almost as big as he is. Percy pulls the sock around the house, but it's wash day that really gets him going.

The beardie just can't contain himself when his favorite sock is being washed. There's no tricking him either. He knows which sock is his, and he will let his human know that a different sock is unacceptable.

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Dog insists on getting her makeup done for the day.

Dogs have pretty big personalities, and it seems like some just may have enough to share. There are dogs that enjoy dressing up in cute clothes and others that like to pretend all four of their legs are broken when it's time to take a walk. Then there are dogs like Nilla, who thinks anytime she sees her mom getting ready for the day, she also has to get a full face of makeup to start her day, too.

Cierra adopted Nilla when she was just a puppy, and they've become best friends who do lots of things together. One of those things is getting ready in the morning. While Cierra stands in front of her bathroom mirror to apply her makeup, Nilla will whine and bark at her mom, who is clearly hogging the blush.

It doesn't take long before Cierra gives in to the dog's demands and starts giving Nilla a full face of makeup. After all, dogs have to look beautiful as well.

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Photo by Laya Clode on Unsplash

Cockatoo chases around family while laughing maniacally.

Animals have their own personalities no matter what kind of animal they are, but rescue animals can sometimes take a while to let their personality shine. When they do, their humans better be prepared for whatever might come.

A rescue cockatoo named Molly was very subdued and a bit skittish when she was first brought into her human family. But her entire attitude changed once she met her new human brother, and now visitors might be in for a slightly terrifying surprise.

Molly has a habit of chasing her humans around the house laughing like an evil supervillain as they playfully run from room to room. She may not be in cahoots with fellow feathered friends to try to take over the world...yet…but her laugh is hilariously maniacal.

The family is all on board for Molly's games, too. They not only play hide and seek with the bird but they quite literally take her everywhere they possibly can.

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