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fun pet birds

Photo by Laya Clode on Unsplash

Cockatoo chases around family while laughing maniacally.

Animals have their own personalities no matter what kind of animal they are, but rescue animals can sometimes take a while to let their personality shine. When they do, their humans better be prepared for whatever might come.

A rescue cockatoo named Molly was very subdued and a bit skittish when she was first brought into her human family. But her entire attitude changed once she met her new human brother, and now visitors might be in for a slightly terrifying surprise.

Molly has a habit of chasing her humans around the house laughing like an evil supervillain as they playfully run from room to room. She may not be in cahoots with fellow feathered friends to try to take over the world...yet…but her laugh is hilariously maniacal.

The family is all on board for Molly's games, too. They not only play hide and seek with the bird but they quite literally take her everywhere they possibly can.

Molly rides in the car for coffee runs and even goes hiking through the woods with her humans. There seems to be few things the family doesn't do without their laughing bird. While Molly doesn't startle strangers with her sinister laugh, she does randomly scream loudly when she's in public, which is probably more startling.

But it's the time she spends with her favorite brother that warms hearts.

"Molly wasn't always such a fun, vibrant bird. When we got her she didn't trust us," Betty tells The Dodo. "But she was really in love with my older son from the minute she met him. He could pick her up, comfort her, she was not afraid of him at all."

The cockatoo even hunts for her brother when she knows he's in the house, going from room to room knocking on doors with her beak, saying, "Hello," and waiting for an answer. It's such an adorable bond they share and the maniacal laughter is something you have to hear for yourself.