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A woman was offered $200,000 for her dog.

For most dog owners, their pooch is a member of the family, best friend, confidante, and loyal protector. They would never dream of giving their dog away to anyone, let alone selling their pet. However, what if the offer was $200,000?

A TikTokker named Alexis Elliott says she received a “legit” offer of $200,000 for her Doberman pinscher puppy, but refused because she wouldn’t dream of selling her dog.

“Someone offered us $200K for our puppy, and I told my husband ‘absolutely f*cking not,’” the TikToker said. “Would you guys sell your dogs for $200k?” she asks later in the video. “Like, that is my baby! That is my baby. I birthed her. That is my child. Like there is no money, I would not sell her. But it just got me thinking, like, I wonder if people would have taken that 200K?"

After posing the question, Alexis received a lot of responses. Surprisingly, many of them would entertain the $200,000 offer.

Warning:Video contains strong language.

"In this economy? Yes." one user wrote, and people agreed with them, giving the comment over 8,000 likes. "I would absolutely, without even thinking about it, LMAO," Maee G added. Others thought that it was morally right to take the money. "It’s a crime to not accept 200k," Lana said.

One woman tried to alter the deal. "Not my dog but the husband, absolutely," a user wrote.

About the same number of commenters said they would never sell their dogs, even for $200,000. "A lot of you in these comments don’t deserve a dog," Adero_77 wrote. “Omg never. The thought of my dog being confused and feeling abandoned breaks my heart," Julie added.

"One time, someone asked my brother if he would sell his puppy. My brother answered, ‘No, I'd rather have an empty wallet than an empty house,’” Tracy Laguna wrote.

One person responded to the video with a funny clip of their dog waiting on the curb with a suitcase. “For 200k, damn!” I am Yelitzii captioned the video.


#stitch with @Alexis For 200k damn 😂

Some believe that if their dog went to live with someone with $200k to spend on them, it would probably be living in a better place. "If they’re offering $200k they can clearly provide him a better life than I can! This is best for both of us," Clutch Grabs wrote. "Listen, with that type of money, me & my dog would live our best lives… separately," Jasmine added.

Those who said would never sell their dogs because it would cause them distress are correct. “Yes, your dog will miss you when you give them away,” Preventive Vet wrote on its blog. However, dogs can adapt to a new family situation. “It is normal for a dog to grieve the loss of their previous family and go through an acclimation period in their new home,” the blog continues. “While they may miss you, if they are in a caring environment and their needs are being met, they will do well.”

This article originally appeared on 12.10.23

via Celina Romera / Flickr

When you see someone jump out of their car at a red light to talk with another motorist, usually it's bad news. Most of the time, it's the moment when road rage gets personal.

But 26-year-old Celina Romera caught video of probably one of the most adorable red-light interactions between motorists on December 15 in Tampa, Florida.

In the video, an unidentified man pops out of his car at a stoplight with a darling puppy in his hand. In the other car, a big German Shepherd pops his head out and the two dogs exchange kisses.


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After the light changes, the man with the puppy gently walks back to the car. In the video Romera can be heard saying, "It's okay, man. Take your time."

One could imagine that the dogs were barking at each other before the video began.Then, the owner of the puppy thought it was okay for the two dogs to meet. The American Kennel Club says that barking between dogs is a pretty crude way to communicate.

However, it is part of a host of messages that dogs send to one another.

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The job of a dog's owner is to determine if the dogs are ready to share a sniff or of one is fearful.

"The combination of barking, body language, and approach-avoidance behavior gives away the fearful dog's motivation, even to us relatively uneducated body-language readers," the Club says on its blog.

The original video Romera posted has been shared over 120,000 times.

The heartwarming video is a reminder that nothing can bring two strangers and millions of Facebook viewers together quite like dogs.

Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" joined "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert to help some delightful doggos find homes.

An estimated 3.3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters each year, so Parsons and Colbert were not above a few funny falsehoods to help some puppies from New York's North Shore Animal League find loving families during a hilarious segment on Colbert's show.

There's Max, the retriever mix who thought up the idea for Uber before anyone else.

He probably could've pulled it off if the Series A funding round went better.

Little Penny is a dachshund/miniature pinscher mix — and a fashion maven.

She insists cargo pants are making a comeback. (Don't hold it against her.)

The life story of border collie mix Jack Reacher was recently adapted for the big screen.

Sadly, test audiences didn't care for a dog shooting humans, so the lead role went to Tom Cruise. Hollywood, amirite?

And sweet Lola is a shepherd mix who is great with kids — though be warned, she's a moon-landing denier.

Please go easy on the Neil Armstrong stanning in her presence. She's not buying it.

The rest of the segment was filled with armloads of  truly amazing doggos.

All of the puppies in the segment are adoptable, so if you're in the New York tri-state area and looking for a new furry family member with a beautiful and mysterious past, check out North Shore for more information.

When Julie Docherty first laid eyes on Sir MoMo, her first senior Chihuahua, she fell madly in love.

And honestly, how could you not?

The newspaper clipping where Docherty first saw MoMo (she later shortened his name). She held onto it for years.

Even though she had only just moved to Los Angeles, she was so taken with this little face, she simply had to have him. So she headed over to Tiny Loving Canines Rescue (TLC), and with their support, she brought MoMo home.

MoMo had been neglected by his previous owner and thus needed some extra care. Docherty was more than up to the task, and as a result, their bond grew exponentially.

According to Docherty, MoMo's super calm but also a people-pleaser, aka the perfect dog.

"I realized how ideal having a more mature pup was and how bringing him along to work with me was easier than I had imagined," Docherty wrote in an email.

Since her first foray into senior Chihuahua motherhood went so well, she decided to adopt another one. And then another one. And then another one.

Now she has a proper Chihuahua posse.

From left to right in the top photo, meet Choli, Paloma, Benito (also known as RL or "Really Literally"), and MoMo. Docherty rescued Choli and Paloma from TLC, the same organization where she found MoMo, and Benito/TL from Animal Synergy.

Now that they're together, they're pretty much an unstoppable force of hilarity and cuteness.

COUCHella 2016 #ChiLaxing #chihuahuas #superseniorsunday #rescuedogsofinstagram #coachella

A photo posted by @jemandthemisfits on

And their owner couldn't be happier with her "mature" charge.

Docherty with her four pups and a friend. Photo by Julie Docherty.

They love greeting the mailman.

And of course, taking naps. Well, some of them anyway.

Choli's the bossy class clown.

He's a genius photo bomber. Photo by Julie Docherty.

"When he gets to know you, he becomes a fearless rag doll who will throw himself onto you," Docherty said.

And Benito squeaks like a cat when he's excited.

Meanwhile, Paloma's the unassailable diva.

"This is my most recent portrait. Don't I look FABULOUS?"

And finally, Sir MoMo, the original senior Chihuahua, is the lover.

"He's gentle and sweet and loves meeting people, which is pretty special for Chihuahuas who can be a bit overprotective," wrote Docherty.

Sure, it's not the easiest taking care of elderly dogs, but Docherty says the rewards far outweigh the costs.

None of the pups have teeth anymore, and they all take meds for arthritis, but that doesn't stop them from being playful and loving with their human mom and each other.

Senior Chi style back massage😴 RL & Choli ⭐️ #chiatsu #chihuahualife #chilaxing

A photo posted by @jemandthemisfits on

So if you're thinking about adopting a dog, don't overlook the older ones. They might not be as spry as puppies, but they possess all the cuteness, silliness, and warmth you could want in a dog with maybe just a bit more of a yen for naps.