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Mom shares PSA on about being a sports mom while also working

Being a mom can be challenging enough, but when you add in working full time and kids activities, it feels like you need a few clones to help you out. Recently we signed our youngest up for soccer, he's 5-years-old and happens to be ten years younger than his closest sibling, so I've done the sports stuff.

At one point I was working full-time while my daughter took tap, ballet and jazz while also on a soccer team and my two older boys played soccer, baseball and football. We rarely saw the inside of our home unless it was to sleep, I'm not even sure I knew how my stove worked during those years. Now here we are starting all over again.

So when Mo, a mom running the TikTok page Rex & Mo posted a video ranting about how impossible it feels to add organized activities for kids into the mix, parents everywhere related, myself included.

In the video, Mo explains that her oldest child recently started playing football and she's finding the additional responsibility to be a bit much.

"Being a working mom with children that have extracurricular activities is unrealistic and just...it is so hard," Mo says. "It just doesn't even make sense. It just feels unsustainable, like how long am I going to be able to do this?"

She goes on to reveal her routine which includes going to work, picking up her younger kids from daycare, taking her son to football practice, then somehow finding time to feed and bathe the children. The mom didn't mention homework but it's safe to assume that is squished in there somewhere. It's still early in the season so she may not be fully initiated to know that on game days parents rotate team snacks, including drinks. Other sports moms were quick to commiserate in the comments.

"I'm over her fighting for my life sis," one woman writes.

"The joy I feel when they cancel a practice," another mom shares.

"All I do is drive around ALL NIGHT LONG and eat dinner at 10 pm... hang in there mama," someone says.

The amount of constant calculation it takes to get everyone where they need to be on time while also making sure things don't fall behind is a sport in itself.

Watch the relatable rant below:


S/O to my husband cause he work too & coaches but when i get home these HIS KIDS 😂😂😂 #rexandmo #fyp