My taxes are documented. I am not.

Undocumented American workers paid $11.2 billion in taxes in 2010 — putting money INTO systems like health care, Social Security, and education, not taking it out. Attacks on American immigrants have claimed the opposite. Ironically, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection annual budget is $3.5 billion — an amount covered by undocumented Americans three times over. Share this with someone who doesn't see the value that new Americans bring to our communities every day through their work and through their paychecks.

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Eviction seemed imminent for Dasha Kelly, 32, and her three young daughters Sharron, 8; Kia, 6; and Imani, 5, on Monday. The eviction moratorium expired over the weekend and it looked like there was no way for them to avoid becoming homeless.

The former Las Vegas card dealer lost her job due to casino closures during the pandemic and needed $2,000 to cover her back rent. The mother of three couldn't bear the thought of being put out of her apartment with three children in the scorching Nevada desert.

"I had no idea what we were going to do," Kelly said, according to KOAT.

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