Server respectfully handles the most uncomfortable table of her life

When the guy you dating comes into the restaurant with his wife.

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Here's what happens when a cheater walks into the wrong restaurant.

If there was an Academy Award or Nobel Prize for servers, TikTokker Cassey Ahlas of Florida deserves one for handling a challenging situation at work with incredible tact. She was working one night when a couple came in to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary, and she knew the man because she had recently dated him.

Cassey says she met him at a bar, they exchanged numbers, went on two dates, and continued talking on the phone. She didn’t know that he was married.

“So fast forward. He's sitting there. He's sweating bullets. I realize that I have the upper hand in this situation,” Cassey said. “So I literally did everything I could to make it as awkward as possible.”

She then began to compliment the man’s wife and asked about their relationship to make the man even more uncomfortable. “I told her how beautiful she was, but she was. She was a beautiful woman. I complimented her dress,” she continued. Cassey then got her fellow servers involved. “So I tell my coworkers, naturally, what's going on, so then they make it a point to just stare this man down every time they walk by the table,” Cassey said.


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The server could look the man in the face whenever she went to her computer to put in an order without his wife seeing her. “Every time I was ringing something in, and I'm just looking at him. Shaking my head, shaking my head,” she said.

At the end of the meal, Cassey gave the couple a treat, a truffle box and wrote “Happy wedding anniversary” on it. “I hope you guys have the greatest marriage ever,” she told the couple. “Happy wedding anniversary. Make sure you come see me next year. We'll do it again.”

The entire meal, the man was “sweating,” waiting to be outed in front of his wife, but Cassey held back out of concern for the wife. “I didn't want to do that to her,” she remarked. When the bill came, around $150, the man gave her a 100% tip that Cassey calls “hush money.”

The server never saw the man again. “I guess he learned his lesson,” she ended the clip.

Many people complimented Cassey in the comments for keeping her cool while she had the right to be angry. “You are a lady for the way you handled the situation. Bravo,” White Rose wrote. “I think you did the right thing. Good for you,” Elsa Mitchell added.

However, some commenters thought she should have mentioned something to the wife. “You had the opportunity to save her possible years of wasted time with him…should have told her,” Jillian wrote. “So you just didn't do anything to help her,” Kedvicious said.

She responded to the criticism by saying she did what was right for the time and place. “Y’all have to remember I’m at my place of work at this time, OK?” she said. She added that she’s a single mom of 3 and has no interest in losing her job. She says she would have told the wife if circumstances had been different and they had been out at a bar.

“I didn’t wanna risk a scene,” she said.

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