Dreamt by kids, built by parents, this furniture is the perfect mix of imagination and craftsmanship

Max & Lily's family approach to furniture is revolutionizing kids’ spaces

Max and Lily

In every home, the laughter and dreams of children echo the loudest, filling spaces with joy and imagination. In this spirit, Max & Lily, a vibrant family-run company, was founded. For over two decades, this husband and wife team has been crafting kids' furniture that is not only sturdy and safe but also brimming with fun and creativity. It's not just a business; it's a journey of crafting love and safety into every piece of furniture, making bedtime an adventurous story rather than a routine.

Imagine a household where the children are the creators, sketching dreams with their vibrant imaginations, and parents are the skilled craftsmen, bringing those vivid dreams to life with an artisan's touch. This is the everyday reality at Max & Lily. With input from their children, this dynamic duo has brought forth furniture designs that are both incredibly fun and functional, crafting a loving balance where every piece of furniture celebrates the magical outcomes of dreaming and creating together as a family.

At the heart of Max & Lily lies a splendid mixture of craft and imagination, where intricate designs meet playful elements. Think of bunk beds with easy slides for a joyous morning descent or ones with built-in staircases that double as storage cubbies, adding an element of surprise and functionality. This delightful mix of whimsy and expert craftsmanship goes beyond your everyday furniture, blossoming into a wonderland where kids can embark on daily adventures and parents can bask in the warm glow of safety and quality that Max & Lily promises with each creation.

Featured Products

Beds by Max & Lily invite joy, comfort, and style into your child’s room. They transform an ordinary bedroom into a dreamland crafted by the perfect blend of imagination and craftsmanship, a venture where family values meet excellence. And here are just a few of the pieces the company has to offer.

Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed

25% OFF
Max & Lily
Kid's Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed
$449 at Max & Lily

Imagine walking into a room where a twin-over-twin low bunk bed sits, crafted with the most splendid knot-free, solid wood. A space saver and a safe haven for young kiddos, it nestles perfectly under low ceilings, giving it a cozy and welcoming aura. When it comes to styling, think soft rugs and twinkling fairy lights to make this the cozy nook every child dreams of.

Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed With Staircase

21% OFF
Max & Lily
Kid's Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed with Staircase
$699 at Max & Lily

Next up, we have this wonder with a built-in staircase, a design that brings the ease of climb combined with savvy storage solutions. This low bunk bed is not just a place to crash; it's an adventure waiting to happen with steps leading up to sweet dreams. Those little cubbies? Perfect for your kiddos to arrange their favorite books and toys, encouraging them to keep their space neat and tidy, fostering a sense of responsibility and organization from a tender age.

Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed With Easy Slide

24% OFF
Max & Lily
Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed with Easy Slide
$529 at Max & Lily

Now let's ramp up the fun a notch! Slide into delightful mornings with the twin-over-twin low bunk bed equipped with an easy slide. This fabulous piece is more than a sleeping area—it's a playground right in the comfort of their room. And don't you worry a tad about safety because the gentle curve ensures a soft landing, encouraging safe play while nurturing their imaginative minds.

Mid-Century Modern Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed

23% OFF
Max & Lily
Mid-Century Modern Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed
$579 at Max & Lily

Stepping into a room graced with the mid-century modern twin-over-twin low bunk bed is like taking a delightful journey back in time, with a fresh twist. This piece, dressed in retro-chic pecan and walnut finishes, adds a vintage sparkle to modern spaces. Picture this bed paired with funky geometric prints or classic neutral tones, creating a sanctuary of style and comfort that stands the test of time.

Scandinavian Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed

21% OFF
Max & Lily
Scandinavian Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed
$499 at Max & Lily

Lastly, for the lovers of clean lines and understated elegance, the Scandinavian twin-over-twin low bunk bed is your go-to. It embodies the essence of minimalism, offering a serene and clutter-free environment that helps foster concentration and tranquility in young minds. When styling this beauty, think airy spaces adorned with simple, nature-inspired elements that bring a touch of calm and sophistication to your little one’s sanctuary.

The Max & Lily Story

Once upon a time, in a delightful family home, two young minds, Max (at the wise age of 8) and Lily (a bright 6-year-old), embarked on a marvelous journey with their parents to revolutionize kids' furniture. Through countless brainstorming sessions and animated discussions around the dining table, the energetic siblings sprinkled their youthful ideas generously. This combination of child-like wonder and safety-first features created a furniture line that checked all the boxes for kids and their parents.

Nestled in the traditions of German precision and Danish aesthetic elegance, Max & Lily holds onto a rich legacy of fine craftsmanship. From their beginnings in Germany and Denmark, they've made their home in sunny Charleston, SC, embodying hard work, integrity, and a keen eye for detail. Every piece of furniture crafted here tells a story of sustainability, a pledge to the future. With the use of knot-free, solid pine wood, they've embraced an eco-friendly approach, ensuring their creations are a beacon of hope for generations to come.

The Max & Lily Difference

Max & Lily crafts furniture with solid wood that stands sturdy and looks timeless, promising years of memories and laughter. It's the kind of quality that lets you sit back, relax, and know that you've brought nothing but the best into your home.

Max & Lily puts safety first, ensuring their furniture flaunts low VOC, non-toxic finishes, creating a healthier environment for your family. It's the peace of mind every parent cherishes, knowing their child is safe, even when they are lost in the world of dreams.

But the dedication doesn't stop there. Max & Lily steps is constantly testing their products to not only meet but exceed the safety standards set by the US and EU. They go the extra mile to ensure each piece passes stringent tests, offering an added layer of assurance to families.

Each piece of furniture carries with it a 1-year warranty, a bold statement of its durability and the trust Max & Lily has in their products. It's not just furniture; it's a promise of longevity and quality, a testament to a brand that values your peace of mind above all.

And the Max & Lily shopping experience is just as delightful as the products themselves. No more nail-biting waits or puzzling setups. They've smoothed out the wrinkles in furniture shopping, offering easy-peasy deliveries in compact boxes and straightforward setups. So, when a Max & Lily package arrives at your doorstep, know that joyous comfort is just a few moments away, without any fuss or hassle. It's not just a delivery; it's the beginning of countless happy dreams and joyful mornings.

Order Yours Today

Remember those magical childhood dreams filled with adventures and fairy tales? Max & Lily are making those dreams tangible with every piece of furniture they craft. It's a beautiful journey from a spark of imagination to a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with a sprinkle of childlike wonder and parental love in each design.

Are you ready to step into this dreamland? The world of Max & Lily is wide open for you to explore. Dive in, discover the joy, the safety, and the imagination that waits in every corner. It's more than just furniture; it's an invitation to build dreams, create joy, and witness little smiles that light up rooms. So click here to embark on this magical journey with Max & Lily, and discover a world where furniture that's built to last and designed to enchant.


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