It's Not Just Hunger Anymore. There's A Bigger, Badder Problem Starting To Encompass All That.

Before you move on, take a second and ask yourself what malnutrition means. A lot of people think it's one thing, but it's really two.

Pop Quiz

Question 1: What causes malnutrition?

A. Having too little to eat.

B. Having too much to eat.

C. Eating the wrong kinds of food.

D. All of the above.

Question 2: How many children in the world suffer from malnutrition?

A. 5 million children

B. 5% of children

C. 15.7 million children

D. 15.7% of children

Watch the following for the answer to the first question, then keep scrolling for the second answer.

Now that you know what malnutrition is, here is the population of children exposed to that harm. Criminal, I know.

If you learned something new, don't just keep that nugget of knowledge to yourself. Pass that information on!

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