I'd Think These 10 Images Were Really Cool. Except They Could Become Reality, And That's Just Scary.

Climate change has been a hot topic — no pun intended — and it gets more concerning as new information comes out. Two groups of scientists recently said a section of the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting, and it cannot be stopped. Ultimately, they said, the sea level could rise 10 feet or more over the next few centuries. What's 10 feet, right? Well, to put it in perspective, take a look at these illustrations of 10 well-known locations across the United States. This is what they'd look like if sea level rose 12 feet. Kind of worrisome, right?

Jefferson Memorial

AT&T Park

Harvard campus

Venice Beach boardwalk

Boston Harbor Hotel

Ocean Drive, Miami

Charleston Citadel

San Diego Convention Center

San Francisco Crissy Field

South Beach, Miami

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