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Charlie: Wow.

David Williams: Welcome to Britain's Got Talent.

Charlie: It's a pleasure to be here.

Audience: Aww...

David Williams: Well, that's very nice of you to say. And so what are your names boys?

Charlie: My name's Charlie.

Leondre: And my name's Leondre and together we're Bars and Melody, BAM.

David Williams: What's the dream with you guys?

Leondre: I just want to deliver it to you people. I just want to give an awesome performance.

David Williams: I get ya! I get ya!

Simon Cowell: What do your mom and dad do for a job?

Leondre: My mom is a personal trainer and my father's a stone mason.

David Williams: Stone mason!

Leondre: Yeah bro!

Simon Cowell: And you?

Charlie: My mom's a cook in a school.

David Williams: Dinner lady! Yo! [laughter]

Charlie: And my step dad, he owns his own company.

David Williams: He's a business man, yeah! [laughter]

Leondre: Can I just say one thing? Alesha, I love you so much, you're my inspiration.

David Williams: He fancies Alesha! He don't like Amanda! [laughter]

Charlie: Amanda, you're beautiful as well. [laughter]

David Williams: He's lying!

Amanda Holden: Boys, can I just ask you, what are you singing?

Leondre: Well, it's "Hope" by Twist and Faith Evans but there's a bit of the twist in the rap because I wrote it myself.

Amanda Holden: What's the song about?

Leondre: It's about anti-bullying.

Amanda Holden: Anti-bullying. [cheers]

Leondre: Yeah, because it's something that I feel deeply about so...


Leondre: I started rapping because I went through a very hard time in primary school. I was getting bullied.

Leondre's mother: As a parent, it's one of the hardest things to see your child upset and going through emotional turmoil. It is hard, very hard.

Leondre: When I used to be down in the dumps, I used to write down my raps. I could express myself through what I was writing down.

Leondre's mother: I was very happy with the way Leondre dealt with it and he actually stood up to the bully and resolved the situation.

Leondre: I moved schools and it's a much better environment for me. I love school. I really do love school, it's amazing.

Leondre's mother: I'm very proud of him, very proud.

Charlie: The first time we met we really clicked. It was just an automatic connection and I didn't think it would be like that.

Leondre: We're brothers.

Charlie: I think music has made him a lot stronger. If it wasn't for his music, he wouldn't be as confident and as cheeky, you know? It just helps him a lot.

Leondre: We really want people to listen and hear our lyrics that are in our song.

Simon Cowell: OK, good luck.

Charlie & Leondre: Thank you.

♪[Music playing]♪ [cheers]

Charlie: ♪Yeah♪

Leondre: ♪Check it out♪

Charlie: ♪Oh, no♪

Leondre: ♪Here we go. Please help me, God. I feel so alone. I'm just a kid, how can I take it on my own? ♪

Leondre: ♪[inaudible 00:03:02] Tryin' to fit in, where do I belong? I wake up every day, didn't wanna leave my home. My mama's asking me why I'm always alone. ♪

Leondre: ♪ Too scared to say, too scared to holla. I'm walking to school with sweat around my collar. ♪

Leondre: ♪ I'm just a kid, I don't want no stress. My nerves are bad, my life's a mess. ♪

Leondre: ♪The [inaudible 00:03:21] called me, they felt real bad. I wanna tell my mom, she's having trouble with my dad. ♪

Leondre: ♪I feel so trapped, there's nowhere to turn. I come to school, don't want to fight, I want to learn. ♪

Leondre: ♪So I plead Mr. Bully, tell him what I've done. You know I have no dad, I'm living with my mom.♪

Charlie: ♪Just be hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today, take this music and use it♪

Male 1: I like these two!

Male 1: I do!

Charlie: ♪Let it take you away, and be hopeful, hopeful and he'll make a way ♪

Charlie: ♪I know it ain't easy but that's okay, just be hopeful! ♪ [applause]

Leondre: ♪Why do you trip by the [inaudible 00:03:33]? I didn't ask to be born but now I have to pay.

Leondre: ♪I ain't got no money, you take all I have. When I give it to you, you search all my bags. ♪

Leondre: ♪I feel so scared when you shout me down. You kick me, punch me, throw me to the ground. When I ask you yo, what have I done? you hit me again and make fun of my mom.♪

Charlie: ♪I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today.♪

Leondre: ♪Check it out!♪

Charlie: ♪Take this music and use it. Let it take you away, and be hopeful, hopeful and he'll make a way ♪

Charlie: ♪I know it ain't easy but that's okay, just be hopeful! ♪

Leondre: What I wear is all I have. We lost our home, I'm living from a bag. Yo, Mr. Bully, help me please, I'm flesh and blood, accept me please. Hey, Mr. Bully, I don't know what to do. My mind, I can't explain what I did to you. Mr. Bully, take [inaudible 00:04:42] please.

Male 1: The audience loves them!

Leondre: Every day, you bring me to my knees.

Charlie: ♪I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today.♪

Charlie: ♪Take this music and use it. Let it take you away, and be hopeful, hopeful and he'll make a way. ♪

Charlie: ♪I know it ain't easy but that's okay. Just be hopeful! ♪

[Audience cheering]

Leondre: Thank you so much.

Charlie: Thank you, everyone, so much.

Male 1: Bless them!

David Williams: Seems that we hardly need to critique you, it went so well. But let's have some comments, Amanda.

Amanda Holden: I'm just so happy for you. Your voice is beautiful. We all were in tears. Well done.
Charlie: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Alesha Dixon: The minute you started that verse, it actually brought a tear to my eye and it was really, really moving.

Leondre: Alesha, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be rapping. So, thank you so much.
Alesha Dixon: Aw, that's really sweet.

David Williams: For two young kids like yourselves to come out and sing about something that really affects you and do it in a style that's completely yours, is a really rare thing. That's why you got that golden buzzer today.

Charlie & Leondre: Thank you so much.

Simon Cowell: Well, you know what, I've heard some monstrous songs today and I was just, literally losing the will to live but you know what? I listened to every word. Did this stuff happen in your life?

Leondre: I got bullied when I was younger, but...

Simon Cowell: But not anymore?

Leondre: Yes, it's all gone now, yeah.

Simon Cowell: I think that rap could be a hit, I really do. I really, really like you two.

Charlie: Thank you so much.

Leondre: Thank you so much.

Alesha Dixon: That's it! We'll see you in the live shows!

Leondre: Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Male 2: Yes! Come here, come here you two.

Simon Cowell: Hello, to you watching on YouTube. If you want to see more incredible talent, click on the button below and make sure you subscribe to the BGT Channel. It's worth it. I'm on it.

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The act is called Bars and Melody — they're on Twitter. And Facebook. If you want to see the lyrics, there's a version on YouTube that has them. The show is "Britain's Got Talent." And on Facebook.

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