What She Says About Drunk Driving Sounds Ridiculous At First. 0:45 Is When You Get It.

If pushing your bed to the back of your house to prevent drunk drivers from running you over in your sleep sounds like useless advice, just wait for it.

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Most drinking happens at night, so avoid leaving your home at night. And if you are going to stay in your home, make sure to stay in a room away from the road in case a drunk driver smashes into the front of your home.

If you do have to go out, then avoid anywhere where drunk drivers may be driving. Take alleyways and park pathways.

Avoid dressing like a beer, wine, or cocktail as a drunk driver may mistake you for an alcoholic drink. Don't even risk dressing up like a Baileys or a Tia Maria as a drunk driver may swerve off the road even for a dash of sherry.

Be safe out there.

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Original by Nadia Kamil. Nadia is a comedian, actor, and writer who is all over YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. You'll want to get into what she's doing. And if you got to the end of this and were like, "Wait, rape, sexual assault, what now?" Here are some great articles about how rape survivors are often blamed for "drinking too much" or "dressing provocatively," much like the character in the video blames pedestrians for "walking after dark" or provoking drunk drivers by "dressing up like a cocktail."


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