Watch A Guy Unknowingly Explain What Mansplaining Is To Some Very Bewildered And Annoyed Women

Joseph Lamour

"Mansplaining" happens when a man thinks he knows all about something, anything, and everything better than a woman — only because his maleness makes him smarter. Subconsciously or not, it's nonsense.

This kind of misogyny shouldn't be so prevalent, but as you'll see in this short by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein, it's still a way to think that needs to fade out of style.

Black women Mansplain

immigrants Mansplain what people Mansplain

yeah a man surnamed this week's episode

women's support group I just

wish I could walk down the street without

East creepy dude thing these disgusting things to me I

this is my home I wanna feel safe

in my home me

bands play yes and how did you get in here her I have my ways

I think the greater question is how could the gentlemen

like myself kink comment pretty young lady

family comment if I feel uncomfortable and bully

the EU yes the you

the hue I for like right now

also what do you get them in October Gator

party at here because of a man

her alright I'll play your game Molly

right Shannon would you like to share

well sure really going to its not three harassment

like workplace you know okay

and thank you my he's been harassing me and

touching me comments and when I reported it

I was gonna get punished so i'd not all manner disrespectful

arm I know he wasn't being disrespectful he's harassing me

this you're in my basement room desc yes is it

yes can get some help

sure if you keep interrupting I'm gonna have to ask you to leave I don't know

who make child-support payments

just be talked out by punch lesbians this Gilmore Girls

there are you human I'm sorry

well Houston I'm

being by my wife walking around the mall here

and sauce cent support group here

you know and some may need support to in

I am here to learn okay fine you can

Hevesi and just please be quiet here

know anything K I old mount him with the city

you should I care we also cater circulation by I can't see

pop well well well

looks like June has reared her ugly head

means so day

homesick hired be sick

and hired hymie

walk into a dark alley League standing she endured the stickiness

and not least listen to you eat by society

when you can't walk up to you daughters may be sure you can say hey I want to


when a guy could ball girl run for a while you sleep all night even though

he's been told multiple times

stop you know repeatedly hitting on

over and over never on the BART looks that grinding gotten him moxie

time when you know you're ex-wife Karen doesn't pack everything up movie just

because you know

no dollar need for an evening meeting even

rather I love marriage and

something of my own are right for you

literally a hijacking this women's group I don't need

you were charged I got ready and fortune

and rates of groups so all over the air

bitches excuse me

I'm and white get this

began to handle high-handed to turn your next things going right

I figured that much alright meant

me are yes KY

turn or you know you're gonna get yeah

well I got it

immigrants spread

more people may him and on your partner

hidden ahead paints play immigrants spread

more people Mansplain yeah Mansplain

plume citizen radio productions

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