Watch A Guy Unknowingly Explain What Mansplaining Is To Some Very Bewildered And Annoyed Women

"Mansplaining" happens when a man thinks he knows all about something, anything, and everything better than a woman — only because his maleness makes him smarter. Subconsciously or not, it's nonsense.

This kind of misogyny shouldn't be so prevalent, but as you'll see in this short by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein, it's still a way to think that needs to fade out of style.

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Narrator: This week's episode, "Women's Support Group."

Speaker: I just .. wish I could walk down the street without these creepy dudes saying these disgusting things to me, you know. I .. this is my home, you know. I want to feel safe in my home.

Male Questioner: Excuse me!

Chorus: Man splained!

Speaker: Yes? And how did you get in here?

Male Questioner: I have my ways, but I think the greater question is how come a gentleman, like myself, can't give a compliment to a pretty young lady?

Speaker: It's not really a compliment if I feel uncomfortable and bullied, you know.

Male Questioner: Huh. Did you?

Speaker: Yes.

Male Questioner: Did you?

Speaker: Yes.

Male Questioner: Did you?

Speaker: Yes. I feel uncomfortable, like, right now.

Male Questioner: Oh, so, what are you going to do? Are you going to get the femi-nazi brigade to cart me out of here? Because I'm a man! All right. I'll play your game, milady.

Speaker: All right. Shannon, would you like to share?

Shannon: Oh, sure. I wasn't really going to, it's not street harassment, just, like, workplace, you know.

Speaker: This is a safe space.

Shannon: Okay. Thank you. So, it's my boss. He's been harassing me, and touching me, and making comments, and when I reported it, I was the one who got punished, so I just . . .

Male Questioner: Not all men are disrespectful.

Shannon: I know! He wasn't being disrespectful, he was harassing me. This is… you're in my face and interrupting me.

Male Questioner: Is it?

Shannon: Yes.

Male Questioner: Is it?

Shannon: Yes.

Male Questioner: Is it?

Shannon: Yes! Can I get some help here?

Speaker: Sir, if you keep interrupting, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Male Questioner: I don't avoid making child support payments just to be talked down to by a bunch of lesbians. This is the "Gilmore Girls."

Shannon: There are no lesbians in the "Gilmore Girls."

Speaker: I literally have no idea . . .

Male Questioner: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What are we doing? I… look, here's the deal, I got in a big fight with my wife today and I was walking around the halls here and I saw a sign that said support group.

Shannon: Women's support group.

Male Questioner: You know, and sometimes, you know, men need support too, and I am here to learn.

Speaker: Okay, fine. You can have a seat, and just please be quiet.

Male Questioner: Okay, thank you.

Shannon: No, no, no! Not here! No, I'm sitting here.

Male Questioner: Why not here?

Shannon: Because I'm sitting here!

Male Questioner: Oh, now it's "I'm sitting . . .," everyone's sitting where they're sitting!

Shannon: Yes!

Male Questioner: Why don't you just sit right there?

Shannon: You sit there!

Male Questioner: We all have our assigned seats! I have bad circulation, if I… If I'm standing… oh!

Shannon: Hey!

Male Questioner: Well, well, well! Looks like the truth has reared her ugly head! I am so damn sick and tired of being sick and tired! I remember a time when a man could walk into a dark alley, and he could stand there, just stand there, with his dick in his hand, and not be … labelled as some sort of deviant by society! When you can walk up to your daughter's babysitter and you can say, "Hey, I like your breasts!" When a guy could follow a girl around a bar, relentlessly, all night, even though he's been told multiple times to stop. You know? Repeatedly, hitting on her, over and over, and everyone in the bar looks at that guy, and they go "That man has moxie!" A time when, you know, your bitch wife, Karen, doesn't pack everything up and leave just because, you know, I don't fulfill all her needs, or any of her needs, even, and she'd rather die than live in a loveless marriage! And then there's something else that I don't, I don't even remember what she said, I wasn't listening to that part.

Speaker: All right, sir, you are literally hijacking this women's group.

Male Questioner: I don't need your judgment. I've got Reddit, and 4chan, and Reddit subgroups, so, au revoir, bitches. Excuse me!

Speaker: Um.

Male Questioner: How do I get this thing . . .

Speaker: The handle.

Male Questioner: How do you do it?

Speaker: You turn.

Male Questioner: You're not explaining this to me the right. Ah, I figured it out, never mind.

Speaker: Okay. You know? Okay.

Male Questioner: Duh!


Male Questioner: . . . revoir, bitches!

Speaker: You've got to turn it.

Male Questioner: How do I . . .

Speaker: Turn it.

Male Questioner: This part?

Speaker: You know, you just got to get the… right, this handle!

Male Questioner: Oh, I got it! Oh!

Speaker: So, who wants to have an orgy?

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