This Comedian Just Pointed Out What Dudes Never Think Of When Asking A Woman Out

Rafael Casal

Louis C.K. is one of my favorite comedians because he manages to find the hilarity in our routine and both make it funny and insightful. To me, the best comedy is comedy that sticks with me and helps give perspective on things I may have never considered dissecting. I often forget how intimidating the dating process might be for a woman, and this was a hilarious but much needed reminder. Bravo to the ladies who give us a shot.


What's that? Why are we fact-checking a Louis C.K. bit? Well, funny you should ask...

See, technically, heart disease is also the #1 threat to women's lives. But our handy dandy fact-check army also found that more than four times as many women are physically assaulted by an intimate partner in a year (1.3 million) than from die from heart disease (290,000). So, uh, Louis has a real, factually based point here, folks. Dang.

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