This is why you don't judge someone you don't know. She could be powerfully funny.

I get judgy looks at intersections all the time because I am playing rap music at loud volumes, and I watch people decide things about my character and what kind of person I am because of that. One of my favorite TV actors had this same experience and freakin' nailed the perfect comeback.


I Wish I Were More Surprised At What A Student Exposed About His School, But I'm Not

The lack of students of color on college campuses across the country continues to perpetuate massive opportunity gaps between our communities. This young man decided to speak up about what he was seeing — or more importantly not seeing — on his home campus.


Comedian Wants To Know If A Vegan Diet Can Still Get You All Ripped In The Gym, And So Do I

When I think of vegan diets, I don't think of how it will earn me a muscular physique. A comedian sought out to reconcile that lack of association, and it's worth noting.