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Rafael Casal


This is why you don't judge someone you don't know. She could be powerfully funny.

I get judgy looks at intersections all the time because I am playing rap music at loud volumes, and I watch people decide things about my character and what kind of person I am because of that. One of my favorite TV actors had this same experience and freakin' nailed the perfect comeback.


A Good Reason Not To Go To The Circus With Your Kids

There's a new elephant edition of the "Draw My Life" video concept. It's the story of an elephant named Karen, and it's heartbreaking.


The Director Of 'The Matrix' Came Out As Transgender For One Reason And One Reason Only

Working in Hollywood, I've heard a lot of cliché, self-involved, and stereotypical public speeches from successful filmmakers about their paths. Lana Wachowski, director of the "Matrix" movies, completely moved me. Mostly because of WHY she decided to break her silence and tell it.


Hollywood Director Lays A Needed Smackdown When Interviewer Suggests Gentrification Is Good

One of the greatest directors of all time puts his magnifying glass to his old neighborhood to see why it barely resembles the blocks he built his career writing about.

If you can listen to all 11 minutes, I recommend it! If not, here are my favorite moments:

0:17 — Spike begins to rev up.

1:45 — It's Christopher Columbus Syndrome.

3:35 — You can't just change the culture (favorite argument).

6:25 — He asks the realest question of the city.