Some Kids Of Gay Parents Tell Us Their Secrets — And They’re Adorable!

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When it comes down to it, these kids get it — love is love, and family is family. And the way they talk about their families is absolutely adorable. Prepare to be charmed and delighted.

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Interviewer: Hello.

Child: Hi.

Child: Testing, testing one, two, three.

Child: One, two, three testing.

Male Voice: Where do live, Sophie?

Child: I live downtown (Pike Version) Newbury.

Child: Harlesdon, High Street.

Child: I live near York.

Child: Well this morning some men were just taking up some bricks so if you see a house that has bricks up then that's probably our house.

Child: You know where Tesco is?

Child: I live (down the road) one of near the end.

Child: I want to be an actor, a story writer, a long distance runner and an astronomer, and a singer.

Child: I'm going to be a teacher and a singer and a reader.

Child: Be a bus driver and a Philanthropist.

Child: I really, really want to be an actor.

Child: I'm going to be an inventor and a mad scientist.

Interviewer: If you could change anything about the world, what would you change?

Child: I'd change about pollution.

Child: I would make the dinosaurs come back to life.

Child: I want to invent, I think it's the mirror of what you can see opposite of yourself.

Child: I would change gravity. I would change it because I think it would be fun to fly.

Child: Stop people from killing animals.

Child: I would take away cars and make a vehicle that doesn't burn fuel.

Child: I have one mum and one dad.

Child: I have a big sister called Anna and a little sister called Laura who is just out there. And a brother called Raoul.

Child: I have two mums.

Child: A little sister, who is quite annoying.

Child: I have a big sister she has a skeletons on her t-shirt.

Child: I've got two mothers and sadly one of them couldn't come today she's in Germany.

Child: My sisters cheeky, my mom’s lovely, and my pet is furry.

Child: I have two mums, I have a dog, three cats and three chickens, one died.

Interviewer: Why have you got the t-shirt?

Child: Because my family's not awkward it's just fine it says, "Get over it" That's why I bought it.

Child: My families special because my family always does nice things for me.

Child: Best thing is that if one mums is away you have another one to cuddle with.

Child: Knowing they're always going to be there.

Child: The always keep my safety, because this my mom's phone number.

Interviewer: Do you think your family is unusual?

Child: No.

Child: A bit unusual.

Interviewer: Why is your family unusual?

Child: They're embarrassing.

Interviewer: They are all normal?

Child: We're all normal unless you could fly, or you had a long nose.

Interviewer: Do you think your family is unusual?

Child: No.

Child: Nothing unusual about it?

Child: No.

Interviewer: Normal?

Child: Yes.

Interviewer: Do you wish it was unusual?

Child: Kind of.

Child: I am a star.

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