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Time now for the Ridiculist and if you're not in the Dallas area you're missing out on an spectacular morning show called "The Broadcast" and an incredible moment last week when they veered away from springtime pizza recipes and how to slim down your fat pets to weigh in on this: Micheal Sam kissing his boyfriend while ESPN cameras were rolling after Sam became the first openly gay football player drafted by the NFL. Now, to say that this bitterly divided the all important demographic of the ladies of Dallas knockoffs of 'The View' is an understatement.

Why are they allowed to kiss?

And why aren't I allowed to say I didn't like it?

Because when you make comments that say it offends you and you don't wanna watch it, it kinda comes off as being racist towards homosexuals.

Oh my gosh! Here's the new rub word of the world. Hello.

This is the problem. This is the problem. You can't say what you feel without being persecuted if it doesn't go along with mainstream.

There's more. Now, if you happen to be playing predictable, excuse laden intolerance bingo at home, get ready to mark some boxes, folks.

And that's a moment of celebration for something very exciting that happened to him because he worked his butt off and now we're beating him up because he kissed his boyfriend.

Amy, why are you making a face?

I don't call it a moment of celebration.

But we're not attacking people that have sex out of wedlock, or cheating on their wives.

Hold, on! Courtney, hold on. Why aren't you calling that a moment of celebration? You didn't feel like that was a moment of celebration?

No, because here's the thing, here's the thing: it's being pushed in faces.

Had he been kissing his wife, would it have bothered you?

I would have said, "Get a room. I don't want to see that." Here's the thing. My turn. Here's the thing: ESPN would not have aired any of it if he had been kissing his wife. Can we agree that this was an opportunity to make 'news'?

Yes, it was.

No, I think we can agree that we're making a mountain out of a molehill.

Well, we can agree that this was an opportunity to make 'news'. Period.

I agree with you.

Amy Kushnir, the one who is, air quote, "level upset," got so flustered she ended up storming off the set but not before she got in a couple more salient, totally not homophobic points.

He has every right to do what he wants. That is not my issue. I just don't want it in my face. When parents do not have a choice as to whether or not they want their children to see this, it's wrong.

Now Amy Kushnir apparently has been taking some criticism online, but look, she has every right to express her opinion. She just wants us to think of the children. And she's has a point. If we don't take action, TV could become a bacchanalian free-for-all, replete with half naked men and indiscriminate kissing.

Chippendale dancers tonight at the House of Blues, starting at eight pm. Tickets are still available right now, If you're the fourth caller, you get to take home a calendar! Oh, yes you do! Stay tuned.

It's OK. She was kissing strippers and she didn't even really know them. It's not like two guys who are actually, you know, in love or anything. That's offensive.

Look, I get that a lot of people in the country agree with Amy Kushnir, no doubt, and that's certainly their prerogative and it's gonna take time. There was a recent HuffPo UGOV poll that found nearly half of those surveyed thought it was inappropriate for networks to show the Micheal Sam kiss and people are allowed to have their opinions.

But to Amy Kushnir's argument that nobody shows football players kissing their wives or their girlfriends, well that's simply not true. And I don't think she's being exactly honest when she says she wouldn't want to see that either or she yells "Get a room" whenever she sees that. If you're uncomfortable seeing one kind of affection and not another, why not just say that and leave the disingenuous excuses about why you're uncomfortable where they belong, on the Ridiculist.

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Video from "Anderson Cooper 360." Not gonna lie: I don't watch much CNN. But following Anderson Cooper on Twitter seems like a completely reasonable thing to do.

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