She Came Here To Swap Lunches And Eat With Her BFF … And She’s All Out Of Lunches

Chie Davis

When it comes to tearing up, everyone has their tipping point. But if you can listen to these bright-eyed, smiley kids explain exactly how they and their families make it through summer without catching a stone cold case of emotions, I commend you.

I think kids go to bed on empty stomachs. Having an empty stomach affects them in like many ways. They'll grow up in that kind of unstable home. And when they grow up, then they'll end up having their kids with empty stomachs too, and the generation will go on and on without food and support and comfort.

My name is Marissa Chavez and I live in ... Colorado. When the children are in summer, our groceries don't go as far as, you know, when they're in school. I think the end of the month is harder because like I get food stamps, by the 10th of the month they're gone. And right now how the economy is, you can't find a job. And then with my situation, being pregnant, it's just... it's making it like more complicated. But, you know, I love working and I love helping other people and volunteering for places, but I just can't do it right now. But it's really hard.

Well, we decided... we just got back from counseling and we wanted to get something to eat 'cause our refrigerator is not working so we just decided to come here. We ran out of money at the end of the month. Always on the first we have at least a lot of money, but then we spend it all on bills, food, and we have to get a new refrigerator so.

So, yeah, these lunches out here kind of really nice, actually. They're better than most lunches I've had.

We have these lunches in the parks and it actually is basically our only meal.

We just come here everyday, so. It saves $5.

I benefit from the meals that they provide for the children because it helps a lot and it does save a lot. When we're at home, sometimes we don't have to provide them a meal. The summer program, all of that is taking us, you know, like making us make it. And, you know, if it wasn't for them, I don't think we would probably make it. We're gonna be somewhere, we're gonna continue being strong. I'm thankful.

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