Parents, Please Please Please Don't Make This Mistake. There's Just No Way To Take It Back.

It's always tragic when a child passes away, but it's especially heartbreaking when it's the result of an all-too-common mistake. This dad's homemade PSA drives home an important message for parents when it comes to kids and cars.

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Speaker: Yo. I'm in Raleigh, North Carolina, and as you can pretty much see there's probably... It's 86 to 90 degrees outside, and I'm sitting in the car with the windows rolled up because I want to know how it feels to be left in the car and sitting in the backseat strapped into the car seat with the windows up and doors probably locked.

I wanted to know how it feels to sit in the car, and I would never leave my kids in a car like this, ever. Man, I don't even care if the car was running with the A/C on. Yo, they would get out the car and come in with me or I ain't going to stop at all. This is wrong, man.

We go through this every, every year. Year after year after year it always be some fool that wants to leave their kid in the backseat of the car and forget all about him. Do you really love your kids? That's what you should ask yourself. Even though you gonna do some jail time, but losing that child is more punishment than than enough, yo.

I would never do this. As you can see, man, I'm sweating like... I can barely breathe out here, and my system is stronger than these little kids' systems. Man, this is sad, man. Man, don't be the next fool on the ... talking about you left yo kids in the backseat. Share this message.

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This video was made by Terry Williams. The thumbnail image is by Andrew Bardwell and used under Creative Commons license. has some sobering statistics on how many children have died from heat stroke over the past few years, which makes Terry's video all the more important. The site also covers the many dangers associated with children and cars to help keep your child safe. Please consider sharing to spread this important message and possibly save a child's life.

Jul 14, 2014

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