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We went in there thinking that he might have like a bladder infection or something.

We just noticed that he was drinking a lot of water.

She ate the breakfast that a 19-year-old boy would eat.

She was like laying on the coach and she was usually a hyperactive girl who liked jump around.

Diagnosis was overwhelming and terrifying.

Everything stood still for a few days until we even absorbed the fact that we were going to be living with diabetes.

There are a bunch of information at you and good-bye.

We held her carbs for her and as you can imagine it's difficult at times.

She was at a big table and there are a bunch of kids eating lunch and she needed to test and this other little girl was like, "Do you have to do that at the table?"

I don't want her to feel different, you know?

Has it been hard? Yeah?

There's nothing fun about diabetes. If you can insert even an ounce of fun into something to make the learning exciting and give them somebody to share it with. That does mean a huge difference.

I'm Erin. Hi' Im Hannah, and we are the mama bear and the papa bear. And this summer we're lunching a big campaign to get Jerry into the hands of every child newly diagnosed. So I'd love it if you could share some stories about your experience with Jerry.

I think it helped them both conceptualize what is a carb.

When people come over and people go to ask Connor questions, he goes to get Jerry.

He's more than just a learning tool for her. He's a learning tool to engage the village, the community, the kids around us.

I wish that we had him from day one.

Jerry's changed our lifes. It's been a great way to make diabetes fun and at the same time it's a very serious topic that [inaudible 00:01:52] has been able to learn a lot more about diabetes. So thank you.

Who is that?


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