It's Sort Of Like These States Don't Believe Women Can Make Personal Decisions For Themselves

Legislators who oppose safe and legal abortion have been pulling out all sorts of tricks to try and make it more difficult for a woman to obtain one. Have you noticed?

One of the latest ways comes down to a waiting game. These legislators are hoping that by making a woman wait a certain amount of time, it’ll be more difficult for her to make it back for her abortion or she'll pass the period of time in which she can legally access one.

Whatever happened to trusting women to decide what's best for their own lives?


This infographic comes from The Huffington Post, based on data from the Guttmacher Institute. It should be noted that Missouri is the latest state to pass a bill for a 72-hour waiting period, and as of the end of May 2014, it was pending on the desk of Gov. Jay Nixon. Feel free to tweet at him to tell him what you think about it at @GovJayNixon.

May 23, 2014

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