Forget the Fountain of Youth. If this is what aging is really like, then sign me up!

Sorry, mainstream media, but just because seniors look older, it doesn't mean they aren't vivacious beings with wants and needs like the rest of us. Here's a more realistic take on the tea-sippin', bingo-playin', granny-and-grandpa stereotype.

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Tell you what, the most romantic thing is the moment that I ask her, "Do you want to go to bed with me?"

The first time, I said, "no."

So, a few days later, I ask her again, and she agreed. This was the most romantic, wasn't it, the most romantic thing.

My name is David Bialobroda.

My name is Ruth Cooper, and my age is 75.

I was born in 1918.

My age is 92.

My name is Sunga Greisman-Ruben [SP], and I'm 84 going on 85.

Gee, how old am I?

Well, I truly believe, you stay young because of sex.

At 18, we just wanted a sex object. At 75 you may still want sex, you're not sure you're going to get it, but you're looking for comfort.

I've always wanted romance in my life. Really, love, you know, and I think you need it all your life. You need it all your life. You need to be touched, you need to be felt, you need to be hugged, you need to be kissed.

Companionship is very important.

So, we cover it up with, "Well, I don't need men in my life, and I'm passed my desires." Baloney. I don't think you ever get past the sexual desires.

I adore it and I'm not ashamed of it.

Yeah, he doesn't look it, he's a very sensual man.


Listen, I've had so many boyfriends, I can't even count them on my fingers and toes.

Most of the men my age or better are either dead, looking for a nurse or a purse, or sick.

I'm short, reserved, self-conscious, eager to please, I'm compassionate, a good listener.

I used to always look for a good-looking man, and good dancers. That's what counted. And dressed well. Oh, God forbid they shouldn't dress well.

She would be a non-smoker.

Yes, pretty, beautiful, also.

He has to have his shit together.

Kindness, consideration.

Sparkle in their eyes.

That tips well.

No republicans, please.

But there is something about a senior citizen community that you realize that you are mortal, you know? You see too many people around you, and you know that someday you're going to say "Bye, bye" to.

Unfortunately, I've outlived just about everyone of my friends.

You know, at this age, there isn't much time for independence, you know? You'd think there's just a few years left, and you want to do as much as possible togetherness.

When my husband died, he was 52. I took off my wedding ring, and I said to myself, "I wonder what's around the corner for me." And I think instead of sitting and saying, "Oh, he died, da da da da da da," I always looked forward.

The person in my age who has the capacity of doing sex, this is the highest thing in the world, the greatest achievement in the world, and the pleasure is unbelievable.

This business of saying a man uses a woman for a one-nighter, what about a woman using a man? Is that terrible?

Kush mir in tuches arein. You know what that means? I hate to tell you. Kiss my you know what. When you say it in English, it sounds bad, right? But in Jewish, it's kinda cute. Someone says something to you, "Ah, Kush mir in tuches arein!" It's kinda cute, you know?

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Thanks to director Liz Blazer for this fun and informative video, "Backseat Bingo." Follow her on Twitter here. And kudos to the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for presenting it.

May 22, 2014

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