Can We Put This Chart In Every Public Restroom? 'Cause That Would Be Wonderful.

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Trans Student Equality Resources is on a mission to support trans and gender nonconforming students, and I am totally here for it. It seems some people are confused as to what bathroom trans people should use, so TSER created this handy flowchart that breaks everything down. Turns out, it's not as confusing as you might've thought!


This flowchart was created by Trans Student Equality Resources. Their site is filled with lots of great infographics and info on trans resources like camps, conferences, legal services, etc.

And speaking of legal services, the ACLU put together a handy article entitled, "Know Your Rights — Transgender People and the Law" that covers bathroom rights, immigration, name changes, housing discrimination, and more. It's worth checking out if you or someone you know has experienced gender-identity-based discrimination and are looking for more info on the laws in your state.

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