A mom-to-be learned the baby she was carrying had Down syndrome. So she asked a significant question to a Down syndrome advocacy group, and they answered her with this beautiful video where 15 people shared their wisdom.

The best part? Everyone in this video has Down syndrome. And they focus on the good things — reminding people, especially parents who might be worried about what the journey of parenting a child with Down syndrome will be like, that people who have Down syndrome can do all the important things that any parent values. They can go to school, travel, work, make friends, and express their love for their parents, friends, and family. They're honest about the fact that it can be hard—but isn't parenting always hard?

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On the 9th of February, we received this email from a future mom.

"I'm expecting a baby."

"I discovered he has Down syndrome."

"I'm scared:
what kind of life will my child have?"

Today we reply to her like this.

Dear future mom,

Don't be afraid.

Your child will be able to do many things.

He'll be able to hug you.

He'll be able to run towards you.

He'll be able to speak and tell you he loves you.

He'll be able to go to school,

like everybody.

He'll be able to learn to write.

And he'll be able to write to you,

If someday he is far away,

Because, indeed, he'll be able to travel too.

He'll be able to help his father fix his bicycle.

He'll be able to work.

And earn his money.

And with that money, he'll be able to invite you out for dinner.

Or rent an apartment and go living alone.

Sometimes it will be difficult.

Very difficult.

Almost impossible.

But isn't it like that for all mothers?

Dear future mom,

Your child can be happy.

Just like I am.

And you'll be happy too.

Right, mom?

Right, mom?

People with Down syndrome can live a happy life.

Together we can make it possible.



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I found this really heartwarming video on The Daily Dot. CoorDown, an Italian Down syndrome advocacy group, created it.


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