A Gay Athlete Took A Shower With His Straight Teammates And You'll Probably Guess What Happened

Matt Orr Curator:

Michael Sam is the NFL's first openly gay football player, and that's something I never thought I'd get to see in my lifetime. Seriously, our society has come so far over the past few years in realizing that gay men/women and gay stereotypes are two different things. But when ESPN's Josina Anderson had the opportunity to talk about Michael Sam's football skills, she decided to focus on, well, his shower habits (to put it nicely). That's why Cyd Zeigler felt it was time to make this video and start the conversation.

The video is short, so get to the 1:05 minute mark because his point really starts to hit home.

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Jay: Into the other big story with the Rams. They have roster cuts. Later today, 4 o'clock Eastern, they have to get that roster down to 75, and there's been some interest as to whether or not Michael Sam has played well enough to make that top 75, and then eventually, the final 53. How was he fitting in with his Rams teammates so far?

Josina Anderson: Well, Jay, defensive tackle, Kendall Langford said that Michael Sam is simply just one of the guys, and he seems to be taking a rookie approach in terms of just listening and learning at his own pace. He said that you can tell, he's just trying to feel his way through, and perhaps see what guys he can relate to. But another Rams defensive player told me that quote, "Sam is respecting our space in that from his perspective, he seems to think that Michael Sam is waiting to kind of take a shower as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable," while Langford and Limbeck and Alec Ogletree told me that they didn't know that specifically and also weren't tracking that.

Now, while Langford told me, "Listen, I have not been in the shower at the same time as Michael Sam," he said that there definitely could be a million reasons as to why that is. He said, "He could be doing extra work on the practice field. He could be riding his bike. He could be doing the extra cardio." But overall, Langford said, "He seems to be adjusting to the life in the N.F.L. and the speed of the game," adding this quote, "If he doesn't make our team, I am pretty sure somebody will definitely pick him up on another team. He has shown some flashes." And quick note, the Rams are not making Michael Sam available today as previously planned, and the Saint Louis Rams, as all other teams in the N.F.L., have to get their rosters down to 75 players today by 4 p.m. Eastern. Jay.

Jay: All right, that's the down...

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This video was created by Cyd Zeigler. Cyd is the co-founder of Outsports. You can follow Cyd on Facebook and Twitter. To see the original ESPN video, click here.

Sep 03, 2014

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