Santa hands a gift to a little girl.

It has to be incredibly frustrating to be a deaf child who can’t tell Santa exactly what they want for Christmas. That’s why a community’s work to ensure that Emily Andrews, 4, from East Yorkshire, England, had a British Sign Language (BSL) translator at a Santa event was so special.

A video shared by Southwest News Service shows Andrews speaking to Santa with the help of Melanie Boyeson, also known as Holly the Elf, who knows BSL. Through Boyeson, Emily could tell Santa that she wanted a doll, a stroller, earrings and a ring on Christmas morning.

"It was just a magical experience. Emily being able to communicate freely with the elf and tell Santa what she wanted was just amazing,” Tanya Ansrews, the girl’s mother, told SWNS.

Deaf girl meets Santa properly for first time - thanks to signing elf 🥰🎅🎁 | LOVE THIS

The moment was even more meaningful because on 4 occasions the family had been promised that a sign language worker would be present to help the young girl communicate with Santa, but it never worked out.

Emily’s brother goes to Airmyn Park Primary School, and when the head teacher, Natalie Dodd, heard about her struggles, she reached out to the community to find a translator for their school’s Santa event.

"Through the power of Facebook, we found Holly the Elf, whose real name is Melanie Boyeson, and she volunteered to visit our grotto and interpret for Emily," Dodds said. "Even though Emily isn’t a pupil here, she is part of our extended school family. As a small school, we are privileged to be able to embrace the wider school and village community, and we wanted to provide this experience for Emily."

Tanya told the BBC that there should be more holiday events with BSL interpreters for deaf children. “Everyone should be treated equally,” she said.