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Joey Mulinaro's impressions of classic TV characters is impressive.

It's been almost 25 years since "Seinfeld" premiered, marking the beginning of a nine-season run that would result in 68 Emmy nominations, 10 Emmy wins and dozens of other television awards.

No one had ever really seen a show like "Seinfeld," with its bizarrely iconic characters, scenarios and one-liners that became instant classics in American culture. "No soup for you!" would be a meaningless phrase if it weren't for the silly sitcom. Who can do the best Elaine dance is still a favorite competition at parties. The tongue-in-cheek "show about nothing" was really something, and the writing and those characters are still etched in the collective conscience.

That's why Joel Mulinaro's TikTok skit of a fake "Seinfeld" scene about the Stanley cup craze has gotten over 750,000 views in one day. His Jerry, George and Kramer impressions are impressive, especially considering the fact that he looks nothing like any of the actors who play them. But the writing is where the skit really shines—you might swear the skit was written by Larry David himself.

The video begins with the instantly recognizable Seinfeld bumper music and image of an apartment building before transitioning into Jerry in the kitchen saying, "I don't get it. It's a cup."

"No, Jerry. It's a Stanley cup," responds George.

And from there, the banter takes a distinctly Seinfeldian path, from George's self-deprecation to Jerry's "I can see you as a Stanley," to Kramer's neurotically energetic body language, complete with a laugh track.


The Stanley


The Stanley

People in the comments shared their delight:

"I vote you make 30 minute episodes of Modern Seinfeld," wrote one person.

"I truly forgot for a second that I wasn’t actually watching Seinfeld," wrote another.

"Perfection. Now we just need a part two where Elaine comes in bragging about her new Stanley," shared another.

This is not Mulinaro's first impersonation of a former television show with a modern twist. He did a skit from "The Office" involving the Wordle game in 2022 and again, it's like it was written by the original writers. His Jim impression could not be more perfect, and as soon as he opens his mouth as Toby, you know exactly who it is.



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You can find more of Joey Mulinaro's impressions on his TikTok channel here.