Why The Nun From 'Sister Act' Is Essentially The Most Successful Role Ever For A Black Actress

Joseph Lamour

When Whoopi Goldberg starred in "Sister Act" in 1992, she proved that you need to be neither white nor a man to bring in box office. Since 1993, they seem to have forgotten about all $200 million, because seeing a black woman starring in a movie is just about impossible.

The following 10 women are today's leading black ladies of Hollywood. They've had roles in "The Matrix," "12 Years a Slave," and "Die Another Day," just to name three (or we'd be here for a while). But notice that in those films, they played only supporting roles. Then take a look below at what they have coming up on their schedules at the moment.

My immediate desire is to pull one of these:

Why? Each white actress has more confirmed projects than all the black actresses put together.

What do you think is going on with Hollywood behind the camera that even after black women have made it, they're still struggling to shine in the way they should be? I know Beyoncé is busy with music. A couple of the others are on television right now, but do you think that's more because television is a better fit or because the movie roles have dried up?

Or are they all just taking a year-long joint Black Actress Acting Vacation?

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