When Parents Don't Worry What Other People Think, Something Weird Happens. Their Kids Get Happy.

No doubt there will be angry parents who'll disagree with how they're raising their son. But how can the naysayers be so sure it's not a good thing? At the end of the day, shouldn't parenting be about the child's happiness and not about pleasing the whole world? Wouldn't it be great if we could all wear what we like without being judged? I certainly think so.

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Lisa: He likes pink, he loves pink. And his favorite dress is the black one with pink flamingos on it.

Narrator: You could be forgiven for mistaking this toddler for a little girl. But two year old Max Price is actually a boy. Max's parents are raising him gender neutral, meaning they dress him in both boys' and girls' clothes.

Martin: He might be just playing dress up, he might be something he might still do in years to come, but in the day we're just following the way he wants to be. We listen to him very carefully.

Narrator: Parents Lisa, 23, and Martin, 34, adopted the unorthodox technique in the hope that Max will grow up having a better understanding of women.

Lisa: Gender neutral parenting is giving a child the freedom to choose between, you know, stereotypically male and female clothes and toys, without teaching(?) them, basically. He likes what he likes, he doesn't conform to one or the other, really. You know if we allow Max to play with dolls and dresses and stuff like that, he'll become whoever he is without gender, without society telling him that he has to be a certain way.

Narrator: At home in Warsaw, West Midlands, Max plays with cars and dolls, and he's encouraged to wear trousers and dresses.

Martin: If he wanted to wear the dress, then he wears the dress. If he likes pink, he likes pink; if he likes blue, he likes blue. It's down to him.

Narrator: Lisa and Martin's parenting techniques may not be for everyone, but they're hoping it will give Max a good grounding in life.

Lisa: I'm hoping to instill such a sense of confidence and who he is. Hopefully, he'll be able to have his dad's wits and able to be so confident that it doesn't bother him. Anything that does bother him, hopefully, he goes to deal with it in a decent way.

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Jun 07, 2014

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