What if you stick a gay person and an anti-gay straight person in a room and ask them to hug?

Not sure if you heard, but there was a big craze around the "First Kiss" video where a filmmaker set up two strangers to meet and kiss like they'd just finished drinks and were heading back to someone's apartment. The Gay Women Channel on YouTube decided to have a little fun with it. They found some mildly homophobic but open volunteers to meet gay people and have a very safe, platonic hug. The results were surprisingly heartwarming. Especially at 2:07. And 2:31. And 2:44. And then at 3:00, I just laugh.

You could share this if you think more people could use a hug. Your call though. But I'll hug you if you do. Just sayin'.

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Female: You like ... you like women?

Female: Yes.

Male: How's it goin'?

Male: Good.

Male: Hi. I'm Josh. Nice to meet ya.

Female: Hi. I'm Kaitlyn.

Female: Hi.

Male: You look nervous.

Male: I'm always nervous.

Male: Why?

Male: I'm a pretty nervous guy.

Female: This is Katie.

Female: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Male: Why did you think it ever was a sin?

Female: Oh, because it says so in the Bible.

Female: So, which one of you is gay?

Female: Over here.

Female: We were taught that it's wrong.

Male: So, how do you kiss another guy? I don't get that.

Male: The same way you kiss another girl.

Female: So, are you gay?

Female: Yep.

Female: You're so pretty to be gay.

Male: I feel gay men have more sex than straight men.

Male: I don't know. I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years and I've never had sex with anybody else.

Male: Well, I play the banjo.

Male: That's cute.

Male: I can't ... I don't , I don't ... I'm not sure of a response to that.

Female: You're kind of cute. That doesn't hurt.

Male: It doesn't hurt?

Female: No.

Female: I like your lipstick.

Female: Thank you.

Male: I could do without the gay parade.

Male: Then don't go?

Male: If I... If you didn't know would you think I was gay?

Female: Yeah.

Male: You knew?

Female: Well, yeah.

Male: Really?

Female: Of course. I mean, look at you. You're gorgeous.

Female: You prefer handshake? Hello.

Female: So, do you want to... you want to just go for it?

Female: Remember [inaudible 00:02:01].

Female: Should we start with hugging?

Female: Oh, fine, fine, yeah, geez.

Male: [inaudible 00:02:06] oh, yeah. There we go. Oh.

Female: Oh!

Male: It's OK. Right?

Female: Oh!

Male: Oh, you're easy to hug.

Female: Squishing our . . .

Female: Yeah.

Female: . . . boobs together. OK, OK.

Female: OK.

Female: OK. Bring it in for... bring it in for a hug here.

Male: Try not to hug too strong.

Male: Okay, yeah.

Male: Come here bro.

Male: Okay, oh!

Male: I did shave before coming, so I'm a little... I'd be a little less scared.

Male: Where?

Male: My face.

Male: OK.

Female: You kind of remind me of my husband, you know that?

Female: Cool.

Female: Yeah.

Female: I'm still normal. You're still normal.

Female: Same people.

Female: Same people, just hugging.

Female: What! You rock it like a superstar.

Female: Yeah, absolutely.

Male: You seem like a cool guy, just I think you're, you know, you're a little sexy. It's kind of gross.

Male: I think your whole sex thing is kind of gross.

Male: Fair enough.

Male: It's true.

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By the Gay Women Channel. To see the original "First Kiss" that 65 million people already watched, click here.

Apr 26, 2014

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