We All Have Bad Habits. But What Are We Willing To Give Up To Keep Them?

It's just 30 seconds long and it's simple, but when we break things down like this, sometimes it puts them in perspective. These moments are not worth giving up for an addiction. And while it can be a really hard one to quit, the payoff is huge.

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Male: Come on buddy, you can do it. Come on, reel it up. You have to reel it up buddy. Reel it up. Reel it up. You have got him on there. Is that a bass?

Child: Yes.

Male: Well bring him up. Bring it up. Keep reeling. Keep reeling. Come on. Where is he? Woa!

Child: Whoa!

Male: You caught that all by yourself?

Child: Yes.

Male: How old are you to catch that?

Child: Three!

Male: You're three years old? Show me how many fingers that is.

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I first saw this video before some random movie I rented from Redbox. I can't even remember which one. It was created by TobaccoFreeCA.

Jun 09, 2014

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