Watching A Black Woman Smile In The Face Of Racism Is Pure Delight. Then She Goes In For The Hug…

Mo Asumang is a German TV host and filmmaker, and what she pulls off in this video is amazing. Not only does Mo speak with groups of people who claim to hate her (which she does with grace and compassion), but she actually gets a few of them to let down their guard and reveal they might just have a heart. It's fascinating to witness and probably the one and only context in which you can root for a racist — to stop being racist!

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I went out and confronted these people with my person. I try to bring them out of their heads. Because they have an imagination of their enemy. But actually they don't need them so much.

Pardon me, what are you demonstrating about? Pardon me, what are you demonstrating about?

No comment. You're better off leaving.

Why are you doing this?

None of your damn business.

Could you get out of the way?

What's your name?

Go back to Africa.

Why should I go to Africa? I was born here.

Different things happened. One, they just turned around, so I saw all the backs of these Neo-Nazis, some people they just walked away. Some people pushed the camera into the cameraman's face. Or they put a cent in front of my foot and say, “Have a nice flight back home.”

What do you plan for people like me, who have a different skin color?

The prognosis is that when a nation re-nationalizes, people like you tend to immigrate to multi-ethnic countries or melting pots like the U.S.A.

How do you want to repatriate them?

They get a deportation notification and are deported.

I've been thinking, of course, all the time about the Ku Klux Klan film shooting in the U.S. We have been waiting next to the forest, yeah, and all of the sudden they came, they passed by in a car, they made like heil Hitler, hail. And then they stopped the car, they went backwards and when they came, I saw two machine guns in the back of the car, and that was frightening.

You must have a vision for life. What's your vision as a Klan's man?

I see it ... I see it as not a ... I'm not a racist. Nobody ...

You're not a racist?

... No. I'm not a racist ...


... Nobody is a racist that is in the Klan.

Yeah but, you are wearing like history, you're wearing like hundreds of years of threat and terror.

This is more for ceremonial purposes.

These people actually don't talk to Jews, they don't talk to black people , they don't know their “enemy,” so called enemy. So what they do when they talk to me, they talk to reality, and that's the first thing they have to survive, you know.

We're ruining the races, we're not improving the races, we're destroying the races.

How does this work?

Race mixing? You know ...

And how? I mean, how, how?

... cohabitation. Having … black person and a white person having a child.

Yeah, that's me.

Yes, well, hybrids do pretty well in the first generation, but from then on they don't. You know what a pure black person looks like?

Yeah, but where is the white?

A pure black person. A really black looking person. Don't you see the connection?

I think it totally confuses them, because I'm not like they want me to be. So I stand there, maybe I smile at them, and because it's a human reaction, you want to smile back. So I see them trying to hold down the smile, and that's something very, very interesting.

OK, and let's say bye-bye again here.

OK, all right.

Bye bye.

I'll hug you, OK?

Oh, that is nice.

That's interracial. I hope nobody sees a picture of that, I'll be through.

There was one guy in the end of the movie, I get to meet him, and he already had the thought of going out of this Nazi community. And once I met him, we talked and well, even now, we got friends, and I do like him.

This is my grandmother. She was in the SS.

Really? May I?

Charlotte Henschke. My grandmother. In the SS. She raised me.

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Video from BBC News. The brave filmmaker is Mo Asumang, whose movie is “The Aryans.” You should learn German and follow her on Twitter. OK, you don't have to know German, but it wouldn't hurt.


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